How to Write a Case Study/Analysis? A Detailed Workshop

A case study has become an integral tool in any marketing department nowadays. However, despite the incredible popularity of the case studies, most of them are daunting and boring. Consequently, they do not bring the expected results.

Research Paper Topics List

Everybody knows that the research paper writing process is very involving. When you are a student, most probably, you will be asked to write a research paper since it is a common assignment required in all educational institutions.

Essay Sample: Why I Deserve a Pay Raise

After my long and unbelievable work in the organization that gave me a lot of experience, I have decided to negotiate with my boss about a pay raise recognizing that I deserve it now. I can say without exaggeration that I am a qualified employee that dedicated more than five years to serving our reputable company.

How to Make a Good First Impression?

Making a great first impression is a unique ability with the help of which a person can start a friendship, fall in love or get a job.

Tips on Halloween Preparation

Do you think hard about how to prepare for Halloween? There are three things you need to see in order to celebrate this holiday as great as possible:

Book Report Regarding What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

It's no secret that every day we have to deal with certain problems. However, we should perceive them as opportunities. Actually, the more various problems we solve, the more successful we become.

Easy Guide to Composing a Business Case Study

It is not an easy task to drive your own business. You have to be sure you have enough clients that are always satisfied with what you do and what your end result is.

Useful and Informative Sankofa Essay Sample: Great Hints of Writing

The word "Sankofa" is of African origin. It is literally translated in the following way: "it is not forbidden to go back and take what you have left". This word comes from such words as San - return, ko - go, and fa - go for.

Guide on How to Write Persuasive Essay on Cyberbullying

People who were born before the new millennia have a completely different outlook on life. Most of them are able to imagine their life without smartphones and gadgets while millennials find it impossible. Gadgets are their window to the world and if the Internet would cease to function for a week, their worlds would probably collapse.

Education Misconceptions

There are certain ideas about what education should be like, which many people tend to support without questioning. In reality, they are incredibly far from being true. Here you can find several examples of common education misconceptions.

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