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What is Corruption?

Defining this term could be made with the following sentence:

Corruption is the use of one’s professional authority for their benefit, especially by a politician or a business leader.

What is a Corruption Essay?

The type of paper that discusses the causes of corruption in a particular organization or community is called a corruption essay.

Although the corruption essay topics may vary, they will all be focused on the misuse of power and authority on different levels.

How to write a Corruption Essay?

We suggest using the following outline for your writing process:

  1. Define corruption and provide your specific example.
  2. Analyze the reasons that lead to corruption in the context of the analyzed case.
  3. List the ways of fighting corruption.
  4. Express your personal views regarding the matter.
  5. Show the consequences of the corruption.

An Essay on Corruption: Basic Parts

  • The Opening Party

There probably is no person in your surrounding who has never heard of some form of corruption. Mass media, including social media, is full of cases where corruption takes place, and it is being widely discussed by everyone around. In case you are still taking the passive position regarding this problem, you may need to take a clear stand about it in the nearest future because the issue is becoming global.

  • Put the issue in the context

While corruption is present in some form at every institution and company, its most considerable cases exist at the national level. Moreover, not only our country, but many other ones face this problem and look for ways of overcoming it. The problem is impossible to ignore because all the citizens suffer from instances of corruption in their daily life.

Corruption has existed long before the current political state of the world. In any geopolitical situation, on every continent, there are always people who abuse their power and are dishonest; people who are ready to sacrifice the common wellbeing for the sake of their interests. Although it may seem that the higher level of social development eliminates the problem, the reality suggests that today the problem of corruption is constantly growing. Indeed, the more affluent and powerful people there are, the more chances for corruption there exist.

However, while newer instances of corruption are emerging with time, society is also evolving and inventing new tools for fighting problems of this kind. Some countries succeeded more in fighting corruption, others less, so the exchange of experience could become the first step towards overcoming corruption on the global level.

  • Give recommendations

Analyzing the models of social and political regulation of the most affluent countries, we can come up with the tools for fighting and preventing instances of corruption on all levels.

Here is what you can do personally to stop corruption on a local level:

  1. Address the responsible authorities with your inquiry;
  2. Gather a community that shares your values and views;
  3. Express your opinion publically and via social media;
  4. Develop the plan of fighting corruption on a local level in your town or region;
  5. Find financial support among people from your team;
  6. Hire experts to analyze the situation and suggest further steps;
  7. Keep the community informed about your work.

While this plan may seem too naïve and simplistic for some people, implementing it is not as easy as it looks. The key thing here is to have a group of people who share your views and who can help your campaign when you meet obstacles.

  • Find Support

To be able to fight corruption, one has to possess certain knowledge and expertise, as dealing with this problem is impossible without a proper educational and professional background. Thus, to be able to address the issue effectively, it is crucial to find people who have power, a strong social status, and a desire to follow the same aims as you. These people will be your partners in overcoming the instances of corruption in your region.

Also, it is important to learn from the experience of the neighboring countries. If we analyze the situation in developed and developing countries, we will see the factors that contribute to the growth of corruption or its demise.

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  • Conclusion

The key idea that needs to be considered in any anti-corruption campaign is that any sort of measure should benefit the community. In other words, there is no sense in resisting corruption and sacrificing the wellbeing of the citizens at the same time.

In case you need a unique, custom-tailored corruption essay, contact us and get it done within your deadline!

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