Additional Services for Long-Paper Writing

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is provided exclusively to our clients when they order long thesis or research papers, as well as dissertations (papers starting from 10 single-spaced pages or 20 double-spaced pages).

When you order progressive delivery, you will get the following pros:

  1. You will be able to monitor the writing process on your own
  2. Your assigned writer will send you the long dissertation in parts (paper sections), so you will be able to make comments and send it back when needed. In such way, you will control that your writer is on the right track with your composition.
  3. You will get 30 days of free revision option instead of the regular 2 days.
  4. Your ordered papers will be given only to the best professionals on our team.
  5. You will work in close cooperation with a personal manager who will also help you to deal with different organizational aspects regarding your order.

Drafts are sent according to the following schedule:

  • Dissertation urgency of up to four days: you will get one draft amounting to 25% of the required dissertation length and delivered to you after 50% of the indicated deadline has passed;
  • Dissertation urgency of 5-11 days: you will receive two drafts, where the first one amounts to 25% of the total paper length and is delivered to you after 25% of the deadline limit is over, and the second one amounting to 50% of the total paper length is sent to you after 50% of the deadline has ended;
  • Dissertation urgency of 12 days and more: three drafts will be delivered to you: the first draft having 25% of the written text from the total required length is delivered to you after 25% of the deadline is over; the second draft having 50% of the written text from the required length is sent to you after 50% of the deadline is over; the third draft comprising of 75% of the demanded paper volume is sent to you after 75% of the deadline timeframe is over.

Progressive delivery service is valued as +15% of the total order price.

In case the client wants to modify the procedure of receiving drafts, he/ she can voice his/ her concerns to the company administration or personal manager. As such, he/ she will have to explain the matter and indicate the reasons for drafts delivery alteration.


Summary writing belongs to the additional services, where a client is supposed to receive a one paper succinct summation of the longer paper. As a rule, the summary equals to 300 words. Summary writing is advised to those clients who will have to report on the findings or present (discuss) the research to some committee or professor.


When you order a draft, you get an opportunity to receive part of the ordered paper prior to the deadline. As a rule, a draft is also a one-page order, but the length depends on whether you have ordered a single-spaced or a double spaced paper: in the former case, the draft will amount to 600 words, while in the latter case – to 300 words. The draft is delivered after 50% of the deadline limit.

Extended revision

According to the generally accepted policy of our company, customers get 48 hours of free revision (after the order has been delivered to them). Extended revision service enables you to use the whole of 14 days for sending revisions.

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