Terrorism Issues

I consider that domestic terrorism is a real threat to the American society. Moreover, it is the most complex phenomenon caused by national, religious, political, economic, and psychological factors. Internal terrorism arises mainly because of domestic issues, which lack solutions to the contradictions existing in the country.


Crime and Punishment in Texas

Texas criminal law identifies a wide range of conduct that is prohibited and considered illegal. This conduct comprises such acts as thefts, murder, drugs abuse, child pornography, sexual assault, etc. These crimes are punishable by imprisonment, fines, or other sanctions based on the degree of the offense.


Tommy Gunne

Under Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and given the obtained information concerning a probable criminal offense, this affidavit is made to authorize the search of the property of the named subject for further evidence. The law enforcement authority has not accessed any material evidence to prosecute the named subject Pete Tommy Gunne for criminal use of stolen identities and the facilitation of obstruction of justice by way of destroying the evidence of a criminal offense.


Redistan Cyber Attack

The botnet type of cyber-attack that targeted the US defense firm is espionage. The attack did not result in any physical damage but compromised significant technological secrets about a new surveillance system. The features of the damage relate to espionage where a perpetrator gains unauthorized access to confidential information of government or another individual.


Laws Do Not Protect Children Who Are Born Challenged

Nearly ten percent of the world’s human population lives with some form of disability. Most of this percentage is made up of people born with disabilities, while the other percentage acquires some form of disability due to age, illnesses or accidents (Read, Clements and Ruebain 18).


Government Intervention in the Economy

Government intervention in the economy happens mainly due to market failure. The government embarks on the task of remedying such situation. It is also for the purpose of achieving even-handed allocation of income and wealth and for ensuring that the economy's performance improves consistently.


The Profile of Modern Criminal Justice System

People believe that development of society is possible when every member of this society follows some stated rules. It is possible to control order in country and unite people around reaching some common goals.


You Be the Judge

The scenario is as follows: John is having a drink at a local bar and starts talking with David. After a few hours, John takes a dollar bill out of his pocket, rips it in half, and gives the other half to David.

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