Economic Crisis

It is an evident fact that the world economy is cyclical. There have been many examples of the economic crisis in the world history comparing which one can notice certain regularity.[footnoteRef:1] Based on these findings, it is possible to predict the situation in the economic sphere, as well as to avoid the catastrophic effects of the crisis.


The Infertility Industry

When one considers economic development and various industries, one rarely thinks about medicine. Even though the enormous medical expenses are no secret, people associate medical professionals with the hope for a longer and healthier life, not with a system that sees that people as clients and a source of profit.


Stock Out Inventory Control

Inventory control is an important activity in any business. The reason is that the operation entails the management of a business’ inventory. As such, without a system in place to manage the inventory, a firm may find itself out of business for there will be nothing to offer to customers or there may be excess stock that will eventually increase the total cost incurred by a firm.


Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

There are many factors that fostered the success of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. First, the chain of hotels was created at a time when the niche of premium hotels was not yet filled by Hilton and similar hotels. Therefore, the only thing the founders needed to do was to establish effective communication strategies and further implementation and the launch of a new competitive business venture.


Causes of Unemployment

Unemployment is the other term of joblessness. This term mainly refers to those people who have not job and actively search for it. Therefore, it is significant to calculate the unemployment rate in a particular area.


Saving the Bluefin Tuna: An Economical Perspective

The main goal of this paper is to explain the role of environmental economics on the example of the policy regarding saving the blue-fin tuna. The paper is focused towards lessening the demand on blue-fin tuna by using sub-par fish species such as yellow-fin tuna as a replacement.


Are Fiscal Incentives an Effective Way to Attract Foreign Investment?

Fiscal policy is a very powerful government's instrument, which has an influence on the national economy of the country. It determines business climate and can give incentives to do businesses to both national and international companies. Fiscal policy has also a significant influence on the national economy in the global scale, as some countries use low taxes as their competitive advantage.


Study of Economics

Economics is the study of how people allocate their limited resources in an attempt to satisfy their unlimited needs. This is a study of how people make choices.

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