Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

The selection process is a procedure that organizations follow in order to choose the right men or women to perform a particular task, and which involves matching a talent with company’s requirements (Flamholtz, 2012). Selection and recruitment are the phases of the employment process on the whole, and they are different from each other.


Marketing Problem

Keurig incorporated was founded in 1990 with the vision of revolutionizing the coffee industry by providing convenient, easy, and delicious means to enjoy a cup of coffee. In 2004, Keurig products were hit by stiff competition and the management has to make marketing strategy decisions to outdo the competitors.


Panda Express

Due the ongoing extensive customer feedback on our products, we at Panda Express our continuous commitment to serving the public with healthy food. The trust the customers have had in us for a long time makes us the wide distributed Chinese food chains in the country. We offer variety of foods ranging from the popular orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, Beijing beef and Kung Pao chicken.


Opening a Chinese-Style hot-pot Restaurant in Tampa

The purpose of this Memo is to outline the market analysis and market strategy of a Chinese-style hot-pot restaurant called Dwank, in Tampa city. The city has a growing population of Chinese, thus opening a restaurant that targets this population is a good idea for a profitable venture. In other areas, Chinese hot-pot restaurant, for instance, the Mongolion hot-pot has been doing well in business.


Water Conservation

Water is life and a necessity for human survival. As such, it calls for prevention from pollutants and contaminants. There are several ways than human beings use the water. These include activities such as firming through irrigation, as recreational facility, domestic use and industrial use.These water usage in a number of ways turns out to result in larger quantities of water being wasted or being used beyond the required amount.

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