Tips For Writing Discussion Board Post

How to Complete an Outstanding Discussion Board Post

  • Do all your home tasks

Carefully and attentively read the readings assigned for your module or course and focus on every piece of the material learned. How can you dwell on a specific idea, topic, or concept if you fail to have a certain perspective of your course or module material from the very beginning? While reading, try to find a specific connection between the real world and the text. Try to find concrete ways to make all the interesting or important concepts applicable to real situations or your life. Consider what value the content offers you? Be well prepared before you commence your process of writing.

  • Focus on a strong perspective or argument in your discussion board post

Try developing a strong and original argument, as well as supporting your statements or points of view with corroborative pieces of evidence taken from the course/module material. The key things that you should always do are to conduct research and provide supportive quotes. Do not forget to provide original and reliable data or statistics given by outstanding scholars and researchers.

  • Be coherent and relevant in your discussion board post

A post that is placed in an original and authentic context is considered the key to presenting a successful and strong discussion. Include both professional and personal experience (when it is relevant or necessary), and try supporting your points of view with reliable pieces of evidence. Suggest real-world applications of your considerations to bring necessary added value to your discussion and communicate with other group mates. Always try to relate direct references to all the concepts you are learning or have already learned about and determine those connections with the piece of evidence from relevant and up-to-date academic sources.

  • Introduce something original to your discussion board post

Ponder on the benefit that you try to contribute to your post or dialogue. You can provide article reading or links to other resources that highlight the message or your point of view that you try to present. Establish your standpoint and support it with the pieces of evidence regarded as the best ways to show that you do not only try to establish connections with the specific content but also attain a deep and clear understanding of the learned material.

When your post is ready, leave it for a few days and then get back to it for proofreading and editing. You can use different software to edit your post, for instance, a text editor, before you place it on the discussion board. Make sure that your post is cohesive, creative, unique, complete, coherent, and mistakes-free.

Etiquette Rules that Should Be Followed

To assist students in understanding your points of view or expectations, try to establish discussion etiquette from the very beginning. You may try modeling proper interaction and communication online and reinforce specific behavior that will be recognized and supported by the public.

You can also provide certain guidelines or rules that should be followed:

  • Apply descriptive and understandable subject lines to make your ideas easy to scan and follow.
  • Write short posts and utilize uncomplicated and understandable language. Your readers will read onscreen and can have several messages that they should focus on.
  • Support each of your ideas or statements with clear and reliable pieces of evidence when you either disagree or agree with other people.
  • Utilize professional language. Pay attention to proper spelling, grammar, and style of writing in any of your academic-related posts of yours. No slangy words, chat acronyms, or emoticons are allowed.
  • Provide the links to websites for detailed material, data, statistics, or information.
  • Focus on the chosen topic. If you want to touch upon a new one, search for a special forum or commence a novel thread if appropriate or allowed.
  • Respect other people’s points of view.

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