Salinas v. Texas

Two people have been found killed in their house. The police discovered shotgun shell casings and started the investigation. Eventually it found the defendant. The latter handed his weapon to be checked through the ballistic testing. The defendant was questioned at the police station.



On 28th February 1985, the Internal Revenues Services (IRS) offered an assessment of 1.9 million dollars against the plaintiff. However, the assessment was not reflected in Hale’s IRS account. This gave an impression that Hale had overpaid his taxes and a refund and there was an automated generation of a refund check to Hale.


Ocean Park vs Disneyland

Revamping of the Ocean Park due to the appearance of its main competitor Disneyland has become a serious contribution to its popularity and profits. The main aim became to make it a world class park.


Howard v. Wilson

The Howard v. Wilson case cited Dennis v. Travellers. Therefore, the Court held that “there is no escaping from the bar of the limitation statute applied to all intentional torts by refusing to style the cause reported to a recognized legal firm and, hence, circumvent the statute prohibition.”

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