How to Make a Good First Impression?

One of the first impression quotes says, first you judge how nice, then you judge how wise, that is why we often tend to form some idea about a person the very moment we see them for the first time. It happens also that this idea can’t be dispelled with time. So, what is left in this situation is to work on creating your image as good as possible for those who are new to you.

You have probably heard about various experiments which are being held from time to time to prove that a few seconds is enough to define how people will perceive and treat us further. Some are also able to characterize the traits, lifestyle or possible scenario for another person within these seconds and, what’s more important, characterize exactly the way things are indeed.

Is there a way to make a good first impression so that it felt natural at the same time? Because sometimes our striving to look positive is considered a failed play, that is why you need to know how to make your efforts work only in your favor.

Good news is that there IS a way! And even a complex of the latter. Here we go:

19 ways to make a good first impression

  1. Mind the paralanguage

Your movements and gestures may appear to be your sellouts if you don’t take control over them first. You have to learn the way all your parts behave when you experience this or that sensation and work on such a behavior in case it speaks too loud for you. It may also happen that some of your movements will be misinterpreted, that is why you need to be twice careful.

  1. Keep your voice down

When we are excited about something, including acquaintance with someone we don’t know, we may turn on caps lock voice. This is one more aspect that needs to be maintained hold of.

  1. How do things stand with intonation?

Choosing an appropriate intonation which would be moderate but engaging is also a key to making a good first impression. You must sound interested and interesting.

  1. Eyes are the window to the soul

Actually, you don’t need to reveal your soul at once, but your eyes must be focused on the interlocutor as long as it shows your involvement and is the sign of your paying attention.

  1. “If you just smile”

The action requiring lifting up the corners of your lips is able to work wonders. Anyone would definitely prefer talking to someone who smiles than someone standing with pouted lips.

  1. Bad memory = bad first impression

It happens often that people get wires crossed and call somebody with other names. There’s nothing horribly wrong with it, but still, if you manage to keep in mind the name of someone you’ve just met, it will be considered as demonstrating these people’s importance to you.

  1. Behave yourself

Everyone wants to be treated with respect, that is why being tolerant and well-bred is a must a priori.

  1. Keep your ears open

Most of us start feeling at ease when talking about our hobbies, passions or memorable moments, especially when someone listens to these stories attentively. Get my drift?

  1. “He that is full of himself is very empty”

Don’t focus on your personality. Try to be relevant to the subject you are in with your partner.

  1. Center of everything? No, thanks

No one is perfect, and no one really needs to be. If you are able to laugh at yourself, then you show that all your merits and demerits get along absolutely fine.

  1. Forewarned is forearmed

If you take small research-like measures towards the part you are going to communicate with, you will know more or less what to expect from them and what behavior of yours will be the most appropriate.

  1. Don’t be late

Remember how annoyed you get when someone is late? You’re lucky if it’s your old best friend or your brother. But what would you think if you are meeting a person for the first time, and they do such a thing without prior notice?

  1. Appearances matter

The very first thing according to which we may judge a person is their clothes and loon in general. No matter what others say, you have to appear neat and tidy and that’s it.

  1. Stay unprejudiced

Every other person is not like the previous one, everyone thinks and does as they believe is right. Learn to respect the opinions of others and react to them adequately.

  1. Well-bred speech is a second first impression meaning

They say, know your audience. It’s okay if you are a kind of person who speaks straight from the shoulder. Although, it is relevant only within the circles of people who know you as well as a beggar knows his bag. That is why keep calm and watch your tongue.

  1. Don’t spread the word

It’s not cool to start your communication with judgments of other people. Even if your interlocutor has the same feeling towards this or that person, they may later realize that love of discussing the lives of other people is in your nature and that it concerns the person you are with now as well.

  1. Reveal your inner beauty

Any first impression definition will tell you that you achieve success only when you show how great you are in a real life at times when you feel comfortable, familiar and honest. It’s always nice to meet devoted people who love to do what they do with their whole heart.

  1. Leave an imprint

Have you ever thought about your charisma or at least about whether new people remember you at once? Maybe, you don’t see the ways to be remembered right now, but think about what exactly you can do to remain unforgettable.

  1. You’re amiable

Who doesn’t know a proverb “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? The point is that you must look welcoming so that no one was afraid to talk to you first.

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