Human Resource Assistant in Hotel Industry

Human Resources Assistant in the Hospitality Industry Traditionally, many people perceived the hospitality industry as the preserve of women and never regarded it as a serious profession. Today, many people go to school to acquire a degree or a diploma in the hospitality industry to get the opportunities that exist, and surely, the industry is very rewarding.


Young Innovators

The Dialogue between Tony Wagner and Kentaro Toyama Wagner: Young innovators should remain faithful to their vision irrespective of the circumstances that they encounter. These are the innovations that are likely to change the universe. Toyama: I agree with that, but in another dimension consider the notion that talent is universal, and opportunity is not. We might need to foster technology while there exist significant disparities regarding equity and access to the resources.



A new type of school harassment – cyberbullying – has developed on the base of ordinary school bullying, being rather widespread mostly among adolescents all over the world. This term is referred to as aggressive, intentional act committed by a group or a single person using electronic forms of contact that is repeated many times and extended in time in relation to the victim.


Role Play Paper Intercultural Relations

Intercultural communication is a communication, which is carried out under conditions of cultural differences in the communicative competence of its members, and these differences significantly affect the success or failure of the communicative event.


The Invention of International Relations

The past years were marked with the growing interest towards the history of the international relations field. One of the central questions facing professionals in the twenty-first century is whether at all the international relations field can be regarded as discipline.

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