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Everybody knows that the research paper writing process is very involving. When you are a student, most probably, you will be asked to write a research paper since it is a common assignment required in all educational institutions. To produce a great research paper, you need to organize your writing process perfectly. However, first of all, you need to choose a strong topic because not all research paper topics are worth discussing. Some of them lack the material, some are not relevant, and some just are too boring. So, you may wonder, “How should I choose good topic ideas for academic papers?” We will provide you with useful tips and techniques, as well as the list of good topics for research paper that will help you reach the expected outcome.

How to Choose Topic for Research Papers? What Should You Know Before the Writing Process?

A research paper is a very complicated task, especially if you don`t know the algorithm of its writing. Creating a research paper is never easy and fast because the writer should dedicate enough time to both writing and prewriting stages. Once you have to write a research paper, you need to pass the following steps:

  • Conduct in-depth research working with the peer-reviewed and credible academic sources;
  • Select an interesting topic for your paper;
  • Make a plan for your work, which is usually called an outline;
  • Pay attention to all the parts of your research paper including the introduction, body, and a conclusion;
  • Create the list of the resources used in research;
  • Edit your paper to fix all potential mistakes.

Many students think that the prewriting stage is not that important. However, it is not true. Choosing the right topic for a research paper and conducting in-depth research are the important steps on a way to academic success that should not be ignored. Indeed, the better picture the research has is their head about how a research paper will look like, the better result they will get. Brainstorming techniques are also very helpful for choosing an interesting topic for research paper since they shape the author`s ideas into a well-thought topic that provides a wide field for a discussion.

Efficient Topics for Research Papers

A good technique that should be considered when choosing a topic for a research paper is that the scholar needs to pick up several interesting subjects and think which one of them should be chosen as the topic for a research paper. If you are involved in the process of selecting the topic for your research paper, we recommend you to write down the list of these subjects on the sheet of paper. Looking into them, you need to pick up the one that would be neither too broad nor too narrow. A good topic is always a thought-provoking, controversial, and an appealing topic. To write a good research paper, you need to read different points of views on this topic, take your own position, and support it in your paper.

Make Sure to Select Good Sources

Once you have chosen your topic, do preliminary research to make sure there is enough information on your topic. You don`t have to use the blogs and online encyclopedias as your sources since they are not reliable. To reach the desired outcome, you need to select only the scholarly books and articles with accurate data. Once you see that there is plenty of material on your topic, go to a reputed library to conduct in-depth research. We assure you that knowing the findings of other researchers about your topic, you will find it easier to build your own arguments.

If you still have some difficulties with choosing the right topic for your paper, check out the list of research paper topics created by our experienced writers. All you need to do is just to pick up the topic that seems engaging to you and develop it into a well-structured research paper.

Amazing Research Paper Topics that Will Help You Create the A+ Research Paper!

  1. What is your position regarding abortion? Should women have limited rights for abortion?
  2. Discuss the problems of the people, who suffered from violence.
  3. What is the worst food when it comes to the obesity problem? How this problem can be solved?
  4. Discuss the importance of special classes for students with disabilities.
  5. Explain whether the governmental involvement in the healthcare field should be increased.
  6. The problems that can be solved by the National Organization for Women. Do you agree that gender discrimination is a relevant problem nowadays?
  7. Vegetarianism. Benefits and shortcomings.
  8. Do you agree with the statement that the United States should depend on nuclear energy more?
  9. The influence of sleep disorders on the overall health condition.
  10. Evaluate the role of mass media in the US war policies towards Vietnam.
  11. Discuss the contribution of Martin Luther King’s into the struggle against racial discrimination.
  12. Analyze the main causes of the rise in agnosticism/atheism in the United States?
  13. How Google or some other search engine affects intelligence?
  14. Discuss the problems related to education and funding.
  15. Do you support the opinion that social media has made people less connected?
  16. Analyze the potential benefits and shortcomings of self-driving vehicles.
  17. Do you agree that there is a risk that humans will face WWIII in the next few years?
  18. How did divorce rates change in recent decades? Explain the reasons for such a tendency.
  19. Evaluate the main consequences of the suffrage movements?
  20. Analyze the problems related to human cloning.
  21. What is the relation between breastfeeding and improved health of babies?
  22. Analyze the key factors that have led to WWII.
  23. Discuss the tools and instruments that helped Cleopatra obtain power in Egypt.
  24. Should high education be optional?
  25. What are the benefits and threats of vaccination? What is your position regarding the problem?
  26. Do you agree that animal rights should be protected better in the 21st century?
  27. Do you agree that forest fires became a worldwide problem?
  28. Do you believe that teen literacy suffers or benefits from regular text messaging?
  29. Reverse discrimination. Discuss the scope of the problem.
  30. Analyze the main stages of human evolution. Do you believe that it has reached its peak in the 21st century?
  31. Evaluate the biggest successes and failures in NASA work.
  32. Analyze the main causes of the stock market crash and the world’s financial crisis in 2008.
  33. Alcohol vs. drugs. What is more dangerous?
  34. Discuss the problems related to artificial intelligence.
  35. In what ways does the media portrayal of Muslims change after September 11th?
  36. MeToo. What are the characteristic features of the movement?
  37. Discuss the Global marketing trends of the 21st century.
  38. Should global media have some limitations?
  39. What are the challenges of being an ideal student?
  40. Do you agree that exams are no longer the efficient instruments for checking the students’ competence?
  41. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of homeschooling.
  42. Do you agree that interracial marriage is a positive issue in contemporary society?
  43. Evaluate the role of culture in the present-day diversified world;
  44. Discuss the controversial political ads providing the examples.
  45. Do you agree that children should not be exploited in advertising?
  46. What is the role of sexual innuendos in the marketing field? Why do you think they work?
  47. The importance of standardized tests in the contemporary education system.
  48. Should the adoption policies be improved?
  49. Discuss the most efficient ways to use technology in the classroom?
  50. Why do you think the power of the Catholic church changed over the past centuries?
  51. Evaluate the role of stem cell research in the medical field.
  52. Discuss how governmental policies can reduce human trafficking?
  53. Analyze the characteristic features of the architecture of the Aztec Empire.
  54. Discuss the role of stereotypes in society? Do you agree the prejudices contribute to the discrimination?
  55. What are the risks of making an artificial intelligence a dominating force?
  56. Why should the developed states improve access to clean water in African countries?
  57. The problems related to dyslexia and potential ways of treatment?
  58. How the black hole was built? Provide a well-structured literature review.
  59. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  60. What is the role of ecotourism in the present-day world?
  61. Critically evaluate the non-experimental research methods used in psychology.
  62. How can the quality of medical services be enhanced?
  63. Is democracy an optimal solution?
  64. Should gun control be restricted?
  65. What is your position regarding organ donation? Should people donate their organs?
  66. According to your opinion, what is the best age for buying a smartphone?
  67. Who is responsible for the children`s clime: teachers or family?
  68. What is your position regarding gay marriage?
  69. Discuss the risks of teen pregnancy? How can this issue be resolved?
  70. Evaluate the role of social platforms in the life of adolescents? What is the danger of Instagram and Facebook?

We are certain that you will find an awesome topic for your research paper from the list suggested above. However, if you need professional research paper help, we recommend you to hire a trustworthy research papers writing service that will tackle your task perfectly.

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