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Ordering the Paper

Ordering a paper from EssaysCreator.com is always simple and quick. The whole process will take you a few minutes only. Even if it is your first experience with our website, you will quickly navigate due to our user-friendly and intuitive design.

How it works

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To place an order, you will have to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Use a one-click order button to get to the ordering page. You will see a form that you need to fill out. First of all, provide your contact information. We ask all clients to share their valid data. If our experts need urgent clarifications, they will be able to contact you quickly. We guarantee that this information will not be used for any other purposes. Second, choose the right parameters for your future paper, including the topic, deadline, type of assignment, writing level, and length. Third, include the requirements for the project as given by your professor. Fourth, attach any files you believe can help your writer cope with the task. The more details you give us, the more accurate result you will get.
  2. When you are done with the form, click the “Proceed” button. You will be redirected to the payment page right away. Choose the preferable payment option and pay for your order. If you want to make the transaction in a few hours, you can do it. In this case, just use the payment link that you will receive in your email.
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  5. When the deadline expires, log in to your account and download the paper from the “My orders” section. Look it through carefully and ensure that everything is OK. Should you have any remarks, contact us immediately. We will fix everything for free if you return the paper during the free-revision period.

For your convenience, the entire writing process is clear and transparent. Our customer support agents will assist you throughout our cooperation. You can contact us at any time of day or night using the phone line or via online chat. Our team will take care of all your inquiries, questions, and requests as soon as possible.

Understanding What a Case Brief Is

You can say, “Write my case brief!” and we will help you. Alternatively, you can try to write it on your own. To cope with such a project, you need to understand what a case brief is and how it works. In simple terms, it is a concise presentation of a legal case. Such a project requires summarizing the argument, describing the court’s opinion, evaluating the rationale for the court’s decision, and analyzing the implications for future legal practice. Most people, particularly those who do not specialize in law and justice, may have a difficult time reviewing court decisions and evaluating their consistency.

A Wide Variety of Types

Case briefs do not follow the same set of rules and requirements. However, they follow the standard logic; though, they can vary significantly by type and intent.

Depending on the purpose, you may want to differentiate between the following types of case briefs:

  • Law: One of the main reasons thousands of students engage in case brief writing is because they need it to meet their grade and course requirements. Sometimes, these assignments are mandatory elements of the learning process. Some other times, students can write such projects for extra points. Anyway, all students in legal studies must know how to write case briefs.
  • Legal practice: At times, an order comes from a practicing lawyer or a student who is doing dissertation research to support their learning progress. The uniqueness of this task is that it is not simply about writing a summary of a legal case. Rather, it is about outlining the key dimensions of the case and its implications for future decisions.
  • Academic writing: In certain situations, case writing becomes a strategy for improving and refining students’ academic writing skills. Teachers may ask students to write a case brief just to see how well they can determine and summarize the most important data. It is about understanding the difference between facts and hypotheses. It can be your perfect opportunity to prepare for future academic work.

Free Case Brief Paper Samples to Give You an Idea!

  1. Ocean Park v. Disneyland
  2. Salinas v. Texas
  4. Howard v. Wilson

How to Write a Case Brief?

  1. Begin by gathering the most valuable information. You will need it to understand the context, purpose, and outcomes of the selected legal case. You will also use this information to develop a future argument.
  2. Make notes. Put down the most important data or the information you believe might be useful in your writing. For instance, you may want to remember some statistics and use these figures in your brief.
  3. Outline and define the main issue being considered in the selected case. Normally, you will need to transform it into a question. It should be a question that warrants a simple answer: either yes or no.
  4. Give yourself some time to review the pros and cons of each opinion, as well as the reasoning behind the court’s decision in the case. You need to be clear as to why the court ruled in this or that manner.
  5. Remember that your case brief can have a huge influence. Imagine that the extent, to which you understand and present the information, can determine the outcome of your legal case. If you are writing a case brief for your law major, justify the importance of this case for you and your audience.
  6. Be ready to answer questions. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions concerning your chosen cause when you present it in class.
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Our Advantages

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Structuring a Case Brief

Despite the type and topic, a standard case brief comprises a few compulsory elements.

  1. Title and citation. In the beginning, you have to specify the case. Name the parties involved. Your reader might want to check the details of the case. For this purpose, include a citation with a direct link.
  2. Summary of facts. You will have to gather and assess all the facts first. You will start with the key facts. Get ready to spend some time on this task. You will find numerous justifications in each part of the case. Here, the goal is to differentiate between assumptions and facts. Also, ensure you understand the requirements of your case brief before you read the case. It is extremely important. In such a manner, it will be easier for you to find answers to your questions. Make notes while you are reading. The summary has to answer the following questions:
    1. Why was the dispute submitted to the court?
    2. What intentions and goals did the parties have?
    3. What regulations and laws did the court use?
    4. What was the decision of the court in this case?
  3. Case issue. In this part, you will develop a few clear but short questions that you expect to answer in this case.
  4. Parties’ arguments. You will have to understand and then explain the reasoning used by every party. What did they claim? What caused the disagreement?
  5. Court’s decision. You should not only provide the court ruling but also explain the rationale for it.
  6. Dissents. Were there justices that opposed the opinion of the majority? Why?
  7. Legal basis. Explain the principles, laws, and precedents that the court used in the case under analysis. Evaluate the rationality, consistency, and appropriateness of the court’s decision based on these laws. Assess whether the principles used by the court support the ruling or not. Look deeper into the case to determine whether it can become a precedent or not.
  8. Implications and other conclusions. Wrap up your case brief with a summary of the main argument and an evaluation of the case’s implications. Has there been a similar case in legal practice before? Can this decision influence justice and law in the future? Was the court’s decision appropriate and consistent? If not, what factors distorted the court’s vision?

We hope that these tips and short explanations have helped you understand case brief writing better. A good sample paper might be useful, as well. However, you can always ask us, “Write my case brief!” Our experienced writers will come to the rescue. We will help you cope with the most complicated and confusing assignments. When you place an order, you get a unique chance to improve your academic performance without much effort. Being successful means making wise decisions. Do the right choice and become our client today. With us, you can reach the top easily!

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