Cyber Security

Cybersecurity entails the enhancement of diverse actions to shield the parts related to information technology. They are strategic issues involved in the formulation of cybersecurity policies that would enhance stability in information technology transfer.


Problem Solving Strategies

Problems are always evident in people’s lives. Leonardo da Vinci and many other philosophers and physicists believed that one of the important strategies in solving problems was to address them from different perspectives.


Synopsis: Built to Bond

Adults are strongly attracted to infants via an intense force (Zeifman, 2013 p. 41). The infant's attraction reciprocates this attraction to the care provider. In this chapter, Zeifman (2013) appraises evidence that support the notion that both adults and children have coevolved and reciprocal features. These features guarantee the formation of emotional links between the adult and the infant. Further, they advance child’s survival and paternal reproductive health.

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