Persuasive Essays on Cyberbullying
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Guide on How to Write Cyberbullying Essay

People who were born before the new millennia have a completely different outlook on life. Most of them are able to imagine their life without smartphones and gadgets while millennials find it impossible. Gadgets are their window to the world and if the Internet would cease to function for a week, their worlds would probably collapse. While technological advancements brought to us by the evolution of mankind have many advantages and bright sides they also have its dark sides. Just as children were the victims of bullying before the new millennia, they have now become victims of cyberbullying, which is a type of bullying which occurs online. However, in comparison with real-life bullying, cyberbullying is not that evident and children often don't even understand that they're being bullied. Unfortunately, because of expressions of such behavior characterized by different levels of psychological pressure, the Internet becomes a dangerous place, which leads to increase in stress and anxiety among children. Because of the rise of cyberbullying, cyber essays and essays on cyberbullying, in particular, became a popular type of assignment lately.

Definition of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is defined as ways to use the Internet to embarrass or hurt another person. This is usually done via sending embarrassing images, e-mails or posting embarrassing texts about the person whom the cyberbully targets. Serious example of cyberbullying is the creation of a separate topic on the forum with a single purpose of embarrassing or ridiculing the other person. Essays about cyberbullying often research instances like that. Let's take a look at popular cyber essays topics.

Topics on Essays on Cyberbullying

  1. The most dangerous online platforms from the standpoint of cyberbullying.
  2. Should cyberbullying be prosecuted by law?
  3. Can sedition on the Internet be considered cyberbullying?
  4. Efficient cyberbullying preventing acts.
  5. Approaches developed nations utilize to get rid of cyberbullying
  6. How to distinguish between cyberbullying and hot debate?
  7. Top 5 ways to protect children from cyberbullying.
  8. To what degree should parents know about the online activity of their children to protect them against cyberbullying?
  9. Should parents be alert about the online activities of their children to prevent cyberbullying?
  10. Case studies of solved cyberbullying activities.

Cyberbullying Writing Guide

The first thing that author of essays about cyberbullying should do is to explain why the problem of cyberbullying is worth talking about. Author should explain how cyberbullying is different from real-life bullying and why it's a big problem among children. Persuasive essays on cyber bullying usually include a lot of facts and statistical data to prove the thesis statement.

Persuasive essays on cyberbullying follow this structure:

  1. Introduction. Cyberbullying essay introduction should introduce the problem in the most engaging way possible because while reading the introduction the reader usually decides whether they will read an essay until the end or not. Therefore, cyberbullying essay introduction should be catchy, have the background information on cyberbullying and include a solid and engaging thesis statement.
  2. The body of work. Body paragraphs of cyber essays should prove that the thesis statement given in the introduction is valid. To make cyber essays convincing one should include evidence from reliable sources, examples from actual studies and researches and opinions of experts from the fields of IT and psychology. Each paragraph of this section elaborates the claims made in the introductory paragraph thus making the thesis statement unshakable.
  3. Conclusion. The last part of cyberbullying essays is a conclusion and it should sum up the ideas stated throughout cyberbullying essay. Conclusion presents the final and most convincing argument on the theme which leaves reader fully assured in the correctness of a thesis statement. Another way to finish a conclusion is to leave a question in readers mind - give them something to reflect on.

When the draft of the essay is completed author should dedicate time to review, proofread and apply the necessary corrections. The paper should be carefully examined for grammatical, spelling and punctuation correctness. Revision also implies checking logical presentation, sentence structure, overall structure and smoothness of idea flow. Another important thing which should be checked is the strength of the argument and solidity and relevance of supporting evidence. If you feel that your essay can motivate readers to take action, it means that you have written a convincing essay.

Useful Information about Cyberbullying

Cyber Essay Outline Example

For your convenience, we have added cyber essay outline example for writing cyberbullying essays:


  • General cyberbullying overview
  • Thesis statement on cyberbullying

Body of Work

Paragraph 1
  • Definition of cyberbullying
  • Cyberbullying methods
  • Reported cases and statistics of cyberbullying
Paragraph 2
  • Targets of cyberbullying
  • Average cyberbullying rates
Paragraph 3
  • Consequences of cyberbullying
  • Ways to prevent cyberbullying


  • Reaffirmation of the thesis statement
  • Argument's summary

Use this Outline for Essays on Cyberbullying in case you need write cyber essay

In Conclusion

As we have mentioned in the beginning, modern technologies have a lot of advantages but along with bright sides they also have their dark sides one of which is cyberbullying. This is a serious issue which leads to the increase of stress and anxiety among children and therefore should be taken seriously. Cyberbullying should be prosecuted both on the national level and on the local level. Society can't keep silent about cyberbullying because it leads to depression and even suicide. People should become more educated about cyberbullying and schools should play an important role in fostering healthy relationships among children.

The biggest problem with cyberbullying is that it is often performed anonymously. This leads us to conclusion that the most efficient measures against cyberbullying are not punishment of bullies but the increase of emotional resilience and intelligence of victims. Our society should educate those who suffer from bullying showing them efficient measures of protection against bullies.


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