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A marketing plan has been defined as a "guide or a reference point that most businesses use when promoting their products and services with an aim of reaching out to potential customers." Any well tuned marketing plan should ideally comprise of the four P's that is product, place, price and promotion as the main parameters of launching and marketing a new product into the market. This essay will describe the marketing and advertising methods used in selling a new meat company.

This marketing plan on my new meat factory provides strategies, and market entry methods that will foster growth and development of the meat products. Since meat is a perishable product, the company will target people of all ages. Therefore, my meat company will be aiming towards acquiring a large market share. The strategies to be utilized in reaching the target audience will include advertising campaigns, and developing an online ordering system, which will enable customers to buy the meat products online without any extra charge.

In terms of product promotion, my meat company will mainly market its meat products through leading supermarkets. Some of the meat products include hotdogs, sausages, hamburgers, and canned meat among others. As a meat company, I will ask the leading supermarkets to give me a space, where I will display the products. I will also hire chefs who will be cooking ready sausages and other meat products as fast food for customers.

Another vital strategy of marketing the meat products will be use of brochures, company magazines and online marketing. For instance, the company will develop annual magazines, which will be distributed to customers and suppliers. Besides, I will develop a website where all products will be displayed to reach a variety of customers. The company will also develop a unique motto "The best fresh meat cuts in town." In addition, the company will ensure that all its products are labeled for easy identification by customers.

With regards to distribution, the meat company will seek partnership with key supermarkets to advertise and sell its meat products. Since a lot of people frequent the supermarkets on a daily basis, it will be the best and most effective distribution point. Furthermore, the company will also open numerous outlets that will be strategically located to market the meat products. Since the company is still new, a few vehicles will be hired to help in transporting meat products to the outlets.

In marketing and promoting its products, the meat company will adopt a low cost leadership strategy by making their products customer friendly. Since the company is determined to give the customers value for money, the meat products will retail at a low price to compete effectively in the market. Moreover, this will foster effective market penetration hence increase the consumption of meat products. The company will produce meat products in small quantities to cater for people who love fast foods.

In regard to the product, the company will ensure that the meat is inspected before being sold to clients. As a result, the company will seek the services of meat inspectors who will certify that the meat is safe for human consumption. Therefore, once the meat products are labeled with a mark of quality, customers will have confidence and trust in the company.

To increase on it sales, the meat company will employ perceived-value pricing strategy and apply various marketing mix approaches. The meat company will also provide a variety of products to its consumers such as sausages, burgers, hotdogs, and meat pies with different flavors to suit separate target markets.

In conclusion, if the strategies discussed above will be used effectively, my meat company will be able to gain a bigger market share and have a competitive advantage over other meat companies.

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