Terrorism Issues

I consider that domestic terrorism is a real threat to American society. Moreover, it is the most complex phenomenon caused by national, religious, political, economic, and psychological factors. Internal terrorism arises mainly because of domestic issues, which lack solutions to the contradictions existing in the country. Thus, many politicians claim that it is one of the most acute forms of internal political confrontation (Sandler, 2014). Moreover, it features such concepts as the duality of actors. It is typical for this type of terrorism to commit radical acts not only by various politically oriented extremist organizations but also by individuals. Such actions usually take place for political purposes and become apparent as terrorist manifestations from extremist organizations. However, due to the much more limited ability of single-player terrorists, their criminal activities are usually not systematic and long-term in nature. Domestic terrorism includes the illegal actions of individuals who commit their crimes for the sake of all kinds of extremist ideologies, on racial grounds, because of anti-government ideals, or even in support of animal rights.

Furthermore, domestic terrorism in the USA lies on the ground of the historical racism caused by the social differentiation of society with dominant and subordinate groups on a racial basis. The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, with street riots and deliberate drive to the demonstrators, have shown, on the one hand, the public confrontation of the extremism of Supremacists and Nazis, and on the other hand, of American anarchists and the Antifa (Kunnie, 2015). In addition, the ideology of white supremacy automatically generates domestic terrorism. The followers of extremist ideologies within white nationalism groups include white Supremacism and Nazis, skinheads, anti-state activists, and some more. Since there is no separate federal crime in the United States classified as domestic terrorism, there is a distinct legal discrepancy between domestic terrorism and hate crimes. Therefore, the main concern regarding domestic terrorism in the United States now is not a large-scale terrorist action, although the risk of its implementation persists, but the actions of individuals who, with the help of a single weapon, can arrange a terrorist act.

Although very few studies separate the concepts of domestic and international terrorism, I believe that domestic one is more dangerous to the American public than international. In recent decades, the Americans have been fighting international terrorism of all kinds of Islamists at home and around the world. However, on closer examination of terrorist acts in the United States during the last quarter of a century, Islamists are not the first to take precedence. Homegrown terrorists, inspired by all sorts of extremist ideologies, committed acts of terror in their homeland before the 9/11 attacks (Sandler, 2014). In terms of the level of damage, internal individuals commit the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts resulting in people’s death and destruction. Thus, the issue of internal terrorism in the context of general political destabilization of the country has become very relevant today. In this regard, the problem of domestic terrorism has a dominant political significance in the US, like in no other country due to its condition, size, traditions, and general resources.

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Some Statistics

Nowadays, single terrorists represent the greatest danger for the United States. Some of them operate on the part of the Islamic State, while others are US citizens. The latest terrorist attack in Las Vegas in 2017, October 1 was one of the most bloody acts in the USA, after September 11, where 58 people were killed and about 500 were injured (Johnston, 2017). Besides, the great resonance had two bombings at Boston Marathon in 2013, where three persons were killed, and more than 260 people were injured (Johnston, 2017). Furthermore, a shooting attack at a nightclub in Orlando happened on 2016, June 12, which resulted in 50 killed and 53 injured (Johnston, 2017). Thus, all these acts are examples of domestic terrorism.

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