Human Resources Assistant in the Hospitality Industry


Traditionally, many people perceived the hospitality industry as the preserve of women and never regarded it as a serious profession. Today, many people go to school to acquire a degree or a diploma in the hospitality industry to get the opportunities that exist, and surely, the industry is very rewarding. The hospitality industry encompasses jobs related to hotel management, motel management, and restaurants. One of the most lucrative careers in the hospitality industry is the position of HR assistant. The assistant is the one who is in charge of anything related to the processes of hiring and firing as well as addressing the needs of the employees in the hospitality industry and ensuring that the business is adhering to the labor laws. The paper discusses the requirements of an individual joining the industry, the benefits accrued to society through the position, the reasons for people to be attracted to pursuing this career, and the relevant academic credentials required for the job.

The Day-to-Day Activities of the Job

The person involved in the job of an HR assistant performs the following activities as far as their daily operations within the organization or industry are concerned. First, the HR assistant ensures that the relationship between the employees and the HR Department is a cordial one (Barrett). Secondly, the HR assistant is responsible for ensuring that the relationship existing between the employees promotes the employee’s efforts to work better for the organization to achieve success (Barrett). Thirdly, the HR assistant is responsible for assisting the HR manager with the daily HR functions within the industry. Furthermore, they are in charge of assisting in the performance of the day-to-day office and other clerical tasks related to the scope of the office of human resources. Moreover, all the records as regards the particulars of the employees in a given organization are updated and kept by the HR assistant. As far as all the meetings held by the HR department are concerned, the reports are prepared by the HR assistant (Barrett). In addition, they also must ensure that all the employees are acquainted with the regulations of the organization and that in the event of any changes due to the defiance of the workers, the HR assistant makes the necessary proposals for the changes to be implemented. Moreover, the HR assistant must also ensure the timely and accurate payment of salaries to the employees of the organization (Barrett). The questions regarding bonuses, leaves, and other matters that pertain to the payroll preparation are also addressed to the HR assistant for consideration. Furthermore, in any matter that is associated with the disciplinary cases of the employees, the HR assistant is responsible for creating the mechanisms of fair action to ensure that employees do not suffer arbitrarily.

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The day-to-day activities of the HR manager are endless to the extent that they relate to the scope of work within the office of the HR managers. All reports required by the office, the organization of the office, and the relations between the office and the workers as well as the office and the management are fully under the control of the HR assistant (Barrett). In addition, they are also the ones in charge of the execution of the controlling, organizing, and planning functions of the office as delegated by the HR manager.

What does the HR Assistant Job Offer the Society?

The position of the human resource assistant is at the center of society and therefore affects society indirectly in one way or another. First, the HR assistant is in charge of the recruitment process of the workers. At this point, they interact with the majority of the applicants during the interview sessions and therefore understand the plight that the majority of the graduates in the social experience (Lotich). The assistant’s position is instrumental in alleviating the gap between the rich and the poor in society. For example, the majority of the job recruitments today are done with considerable nepotism and corruption, which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. The HR assistant may, therefore, decide to save society by ensuring that all the recruitments within the organization are fair and justified. The sons and daughters of the poor people in America face many challenges and struggles to ensure that they acquire better education and have a better future, and their hopes lie in the hands of the HR assistants to some extent. The HR assistants, therefore, play a very important role in society towards alleviating poverty by offering equal employment opportunities.

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Secondly, the payment of the workers is another point where the role of HR indirectly affects society. The HR assistant is given a task to ensure the preparation of the job descriptions and duties as well as the determination of the salaries for the employees (Lotich). In addition, the assistant also oversees the preparation of the payroll and the payment of the workers. The HR may, therefore, improve the status of the members of the society by offering the workers a reasonable payment. Low pay for the workers directly reflects on the status of society. Money controls many systems in America today, including healthcare, education, business as well as others. Therefore, when the HR assistant pays the employees well, these systems improve; when they neglect to do so, they cause the collapse because people will lack money to spend (Lotich). Thus, the HR department ensures the improvement of society through better pay and concern for the welfare of its employees.

Thirdly, the hospitality industry is a very sensitive kind of business. Therefore, the safety of the whole society depends largely on the HR assistant. The preparation of the food and drinks for service must be created insufficiently safe and healthy conditions. Therefore, the HR assistant must make sure that they recruit highly professional people to assist them in handling the preparation of the meals as well as ensuring safety. If the HR assistant, for example, through corruption, recruits the cooks who do not know how to fulfill their duties or those who are unethical, poisoning of the food may occur. Thus, society will be put at risk in terms of health and safety. The HR assistant, therefore, plays a very important role in hiring competent and ethical workers as far as maintaining the safety of society is concerned.

Why People may be interested in the HR Assistant Career

Most people are interested in the position of HR assistant because it serves as an entry point into the HR Department. Secondly, the assistant’s position is closely related to great power as it provides an individual with the opportunity to determine the number of money people will be paid as well as when and how it will be done. Moreover, the fact that the HR assistant participates in the recruitment process makes the position even more influential (Lotich). Thirdly, the position offers a good remuneration package and therefore makes the career very lucrative (Strauss). Every person wants to earn more money and develop their skills, and that is exactly what the position offers. Next, the position plays a very significant role in changing the lives and the welfare of the workers and society in general. The interaction with the workers and the interviewees makes it more enjoyable, educative, and impact-oriented. Finally, the position is at the focal point of the professional development of the workers as the HR assistant must ensure that the performance evaluation and training as sources of motivation are conducted properly. The position of the HR assistant is, therefore, one of the most admirable jobs.

Professional Qualifications that are required of the HR Assistant

There is no standard qualification for the position of HR assistant, but most organizations require post-secondary qualifications. Therefore, a degree or a diploma in HR or any other field related to HR will be preferable (Henderson). An individual doesn’t need to complete a hospitality course, but it is a definite advantage for the applicant. Secondly, due to the nature of the job regarding the preparation of reports, most organizations in the hospitality industry require the applicants to possess knowledge and skills in computer software and database (Henderson). A professional qualification in computer studies will, therefore, suffice for the position. Finally, there is no further education required, but to ensure that the employees adapt to the changing trends in the hospitality industry, various training and workshops with a particular objective are offered by the organization for the development of their workers.

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Licensing, Legal and other Requirements

The position of the HR assistant does not require any licensing as long as the individual possesses relevant academic qualifications and experience required for the position (Hendeson). However, from time to time, the government of various states may require the criminal record of the applicant for the safety and security reasons of the United States. In general, the verification of the criminal record applies to virtually all jobs in America, mainly to the public hotels as a way of fighting insecurity and terrorism in America.

Due to the importance of the position, in one of my interviews with an HR assistant in one of the hospitality industries, I noted that confidentiality, the advancement of the career, and the need to assist people are the major concerns of the job (Mayhew). The office of HR does not require much secrecy; therefore, the interview must be done in a way that stimulates the mind of the interviewee to demonstrate whether they are capable of breaching the secrecy (Mayhew). Another aspect is the expertise and the employment history of the applicant. The employment history is relevant for determining whether the applicant is aware of the standards that the hospitality industry has and whether their knowledge and skills are sufficient for the position in the HR department (Mayhew). Lastly, technology is also an important aspect of the requirements as the organization must be sure that the person they want to hire is capable of producing reports and payrolls without any strain.


In conclusion, working in the hospitality industry, especially in the position of HR assistant, is an admirable occupation of a great number of young people. On the whole, the position requires some post-secondary qualifications in the hospitality field. The job entails doing some administrative job in the office of HR that is usually associated with the preparation of payrolls and producing various reports. Moreover, no licensing is required, but the government may require a record of good conduct. In addition, good communication skills and knowledge of technology are known advantages. It is, therefore, one of the most admirable and lucrative jobs.

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