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A substantial number of world leaders declare that nuclear weapons exist to be a vital shield for various countries. Nuclear weapons are believed to be deterrents, which prevent the world from inciting a war. Researchers are supporting this assumption by claiming that nuclear weapons contribute towards maintaining peace. Nevertheless, other scholars deny the efficiency of nuclear weapons as disincentives and emphasize that nuclear weapons are designed to lead the world into absolute devastation. The typical problem that these scientists point out is the probability of a “nuclear winter.” Thus, researchers claim that the constant utilization of nuclear weapons will vent a considerable amount of particles to the atmosphere that will block out the sun as well as plague the planet into an everlasting winter. The issue is that national leaders proceed with insisting on the notion that the supply of nuclear weapons is a real shield and an asset in terms of preventing the destruction of the globe. Meanwhile, the world is currently filled with turmoil and wars. However, the reality demonstrates that nuclear weapons can cause an ultimate annihilation that will plummet the planet into the destructive “nuclear winter”. In this regard, it is essential to argue against the proliferation of nuclear weapons in helping to stabilize the world as on the contrary, nuclear arms contribute towards its destruction to a considerable degree.

Nuclear Weapons History

Nuclear weapons have influenced the world to a substantial extent, starting from the use of the atomic bomb during World War II. The process began in the 1800s when the radioactivity of radium was discovered. At that time, by conducting studies and evaluations, Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus, while German scientists Otto Robert Frisch and Lise Meitner discovered nuclear fission. With the beginning of World War II, the researchers recognized the probability of nuclear arms conflict during the war. The nuclear warfare rumor turned into a factual race. Scientists from all over the world began to make, research, and assess nuclear bombs. All the operations were kept in secret, but on August 6, 1945, the Americans bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear bombs killed thousands of people. However, the race of nuclear weapons continued after World War II, with the Soviet Union’s involvement in the arms race. The period of intense relations between the Soviet Union and the United States was called the Cold War. The United States and the Soviet Union created the hydrate bomb and tested it, while the entire world was just observing. Fear of the utilization of hydrate bombs gradually spread all over the planet. Nuclear weapons that can be potentially used around the world can lead to an inevitable elimination of the entire planet. If the countries possessing these weapons of mass destruction do not unloose all the nuclear force at once, but just a few nuclear bombs, it will be enough for plunging the world into the destructive “nuclear winter”.

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Reasons for the World to Lose Nuclear Weapons

The first reason for the politicians to abandon nuclear weapons is the possibility of destruction of the whole world. of the majority of people advocate for nuclear weapons, because they function effectively as deterrents, and that is the reason why they can support a balance on the planet. Their role of deterrence is the most supportive in evolving of nuclear weapons. Numerous researchers studied the efficiency of their functions and characterize how “the percentage of the world’s population lost to war each year dropped dramatically with the onset of nuclear deterrence”. The devastating force of nuclear weapons was keeping the countries of the world from applying the weapons of mass destruction. The nations are now afraid of attacking Russia, the United States, and any other country possessing nuclear weapons. Moreover, countries with nuclear weapons do not want to be engaged in a nuclear war; the nations fear the destruction of each country making the process of gaining the victory futile.

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In this sense, it is crucial to note that Obama’s administration is going to remove the support of nuclear weapons. On April 8, 2010, President of the United States Barack Obama and President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev “signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) to replace START I”. The treaty initiated the limitation of the number of nuclear warheads for every nation. However, the crucial issue in this regard is that “any nuclear country with sensible leaders” may not abandon all nuclear weapons they possess and can cheat. Although the United States is willing to eliminate nuclear weapons, it cannot force a nuclear deterrence in the world. When the United States supports nuclear demilitarization, particular countries can deny removing their nuclear weapons.

The second reason for eliminating nuclear weapons is the possibility of nuclear winter. In the US, the 11th of September has demonstrated that countries are in danger of the attacks and war, while the entire world is “vulnerable and will become increasingly vulnerable”. The fear revolves around the possibility of a nuclear bomb falling at any time and causing a substantial amount of trouble. Subsequently, a war can start, and countries will be engaged in a nuclear war, which will lead to the perilous “nuclear winter.” The leaders under the influence of international organizations should consider removing nuclear weapons, whereas just one bomb can lead to the end of the entire world. For example, the United States owns more than four thousand nuclear warheads, Russia possesses about 3,800. It is rumored that the USA is ready to utilize about 2,000 nuclear warheads at any moment, each with a “destructive power 20 times that of the Hiroshima bomb”. What will happen if those warheads are accidentally unleashed? Their destructive power is just suitable to generate the apocalyptic “nuclear winter.”

The third reason for removing nuclear weapons is the possibility for terrorists to obtain them and make the world end in one second. If countries do not destroy nuclear arms now, the destruction of the world will be the inevitable result. The probability of terrorists using nuclear arms is much more possible than the scientists and government experts want people to know. Certain researchers believe that international terrorism is going to use nuclear weapons to trigger the overall destruction. The trouble is that the political leaders do not do much to prevent the terrorists. International organizations, like Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zones (NWFZ), and others, do anything possible to make the governments of countries eliminate nuclear weapons. They conduct meetings and conferences where discuss not only the destructive effect of using nuclear weapons but keeping these arms for ages. The organizations do their best in preventing the ultimate destruction of the world.

Another issue demonstrating a terrorizing connection to nuclear weapons is the reality, in which there is an easy way of making a nuclear bomb if a human uses the right materials. International organizations fight world terrorism, but it is rather powerful to eliminate it immediately. The long struggle is on the way to the removal of terrorists’ as well as nuclear weapons’ predominance. The right amount of uranium-235 may cause an outburst very easily. For terrorists, the possession of uranium-235 means an easy way of setting off the nuclear explosion. In fact, for the bomb construction, a small amount of uranium and plutonium is needed. Moreover, the materials are not properly guarded which makes it very easy to get them for the terrorists’ needs. The reason is that the materials are not really being kept and guarded appropriately. The price for improper maintenance of dangerous materials can be rather high for the entire globe. Therefore, the world must move towards eliminating nuclear weapons as well as the probability of making new ones. Nuclear weapons must be stopped before they unleash and cause havoc. Such countries as Iran show how closely certain nations have reached the possibility of unleashing their nuclear arms. Therefore, the world needs to focus on nuclear.

The world’s political leaders advocate the continuation of nuclear weapons development because of their efficient function as deterrents. Nevertheless, the growing provision of nuclear weapons made various researchers worry about the ultimate destruction, which these weapons may cause, particularly falling into the wrong hands. In the reality, if humans want to safeguard the planet and keep millions of its inhabitants safe, they should eliminate nuclear weapons. The main reason for their respective digestion is that nuclear weapons have already resulted in the mass demolition of the Earth throughout their time of existence. The power of nuclear bombs was demonstrated in Japan, where they kill hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. The political leaders and international organizations must stop the probability of such accidents happening. Nuclear weapons are more dangerous than people can imagine. Thus, the world must eliminate all nuclear weapons.

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