The aspect of human growth and development is a very essential entity that takes place in both humans and animals. Growth and development entail physical, mental, and emotional processes. Therefore, this paper gives an account of the observation of a child from the perspective of demographics, appearance, as well as physical and cognitive development. Furthermore, the paper will also discuss emotional development and the theorists utilized in the evaluation.


The child chosen for the observation was a boy of about five years of age and the African-American race. The boy’s name was Ken, and he looked really strong which is an indication that the child is fed well and develops being a healthy person. Moreover, Ken seemed loved because he showed such traits to me when I was with him. For example, when I slid, he said sorry meaning that he feels the pain of others and understands the meaning of the word sorry. Therefore, from a demographic point of view, the child’s growth follows the right path (Beckett et al., 2010).

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The boy looked healthy meaning that he is growing well when compared to other children of his age group. He was wearing blue trousers, a white T-shirt, a plastic baby wristwatch, a cap, and Nike sports shoes. The child had started losing his baby teeth. His height was nearly 40 inches and his weight was 45 pounds. The boy’s chubby cheeks and curly blond hair made an impression that Ken is a healthy child (Dasgupta et al., 2013). From my point of view, he appeared healthy and strong based on how he was moving around the room and in the backyard. The way he conducted showed that he has all his organs intact and could respond when asked to do a particular task. Fundamentally, the boy is well and his behavior shows that he is going to grow into a person essential in society as he takes what has been asked seriously.

Physical Development

Physically, it was noted that the child’s baby fat had started to disappear, his legs had lengthened, which accounted for his height. The boy’s head size made him look more of a mature individual. The boy was always joyful and when he was not okay with something, he could just relate the issue openly. Ken also seemed happy with his parents as he would ask about their whereabouts. How he spoke showed that he was fully capable of communicating with someone to satisfy his needs. He had a strong hand so that when he grasped something, was difficult to take it away from him. Physically, Ken looked handsome, strong, and healthy for any parent to be proud of taking care of such a child (Beckett et al., 2010).

Cognitive Development

The child seemed to have developed the ability to focus attention for extended periods and be able to recognize previously encountered information received either from his friends or parents. The child had also started implementing his metacognition where he was able to think about a situation before putting it into practice. The boy could also speak using more complex sentences; besides, he was able to count more subjects. Ken was in the position to comprehend the concept of time and the order of daily events as he noted the time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He could also walk up and down the stairs with no difficulty and comprehend the situation where his parents had gone out to have some fun. Thus, he is a boy who is growing in the right manner based on his cognitive abilities (Dasgupta et al., 2013).

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Emotional and Social Development

As for the boy’s emotional connection, Ken could easily interact with others, which meant that he understands what he needs to undertake and what needs to be done on his behalf. Furthermore, his response to issues, especially those assigned to him showed that he has an increasing insight into others’ emotions. During the interaction with the child, it was observed that the boy could easily show signs of tantrums, especially if what he needed was not given to him. He could also assist where he perceived that he could, which shows his social and emotional point of view. Moreover, when he saw a person on the television crying because of being hurt, he cried as well, which indicates that he feels what people are feeling (Beckett et al., 2010). Such behavior is significant as it shows the signs of willingness to help where he can be based on the perspective that he comprehends what is taking place. Therefore, it can be regarded that he is developing well emotionally and socially, which is the rationale for terming his growth and development as appropriate.

Does the Child Reach the Milestone and Stages for the Physical, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional Development? Why or Why Not?

From the observation and the illustrations made in the above paragraphs, it is apparent that from the above paragraphs and the observation made, the child has reached the milestone of the illustrated stages of development and growth in childhood. When it comes to the physical milestone of development, he can move effectively without any support. An example is a way he moved backward and forward on his own (Dasgupta et al., 2013). Additionally, running up down the stairs also signifies that he has fully developed as per his age in terms of the growth and development of a five-year-old. The milestone of social and emotional development also illustrates that he has fully attained cognitive milestones showing that he could comprehend what is required of him.

An example of social and emotional development is where the boy could differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Furthermore, he could make friends and enjoy imaginative play with other children. Significantly, Ken is fully emotionally and socially developed according to his age. The milestone of cognitive development also implies that his growth and development are on the right path. The rationale for my perspective and personal observation is that he actively sought information and news from individuals living within their neighborhoods (Beckett et al., 2010). Therefore, he is a child following all the footsteps of effective development.

Is There Anything Unusual or Off-Development for This Child (Deficits and Giftedness)

There is something quite unusual of the child, which is an indication that he is growing harmoniously. One unusual aspect is that he had good cramming and recognition power. The boy could easily identify such things as color and names of places one taught him. It can be concluded that he is a genius as he can cope with society with ease. For example, when I told him the presidents of twenty foreign states, he immediately repeated what I had said without any difficulty. Fundamentally, Ken is a unique boy as he can confidently and effectively do what normal children cannot undertake in society. The talent of the boy is of the essence as it will enable him to attain his objectives in life even at an early age as compared to most of his age mates. It is a good gift that should be recognized and appreciated making Ken’s parents proud of him in every deal he undertakes (Dasgupta et al., 2013).

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Theorists Used in the Observation

First and foremost, it has to be noted that child development theorists often focus on the issues associated with analyzing how children change and grow during the period of childhood. The objective of the theorists is to consider all the aspects of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. The primary theory that was put into practice was Jean Piaget’s theory considers the child’s growth from the cognitive development perspective. According to the concepts of the theorist, children think differently as compared to adults (Beckett et al., 2010). The rationale for his perception is that children play an essential role in terms of attaining the objective of the world. Therefore, I can confidently say that I agree with the assumption made by Jean Piaget as I have observed how Ken behaved in terms of thinking.

Erik Erikson is another theorist utilized in the observation as he analyzed the contents of social and emotional traits of a child. He claims that a child can attain trust from an adult based on how many times his or her needs are considered. Furthermore, the theorist states that children often tend to be autonomous; hence, it is appropriate to assist them to attain what they require as it is a way of ensuring that their growth and development stages are in line with those of a normal child (Dasgupta et al., 2013). I, therefore, agree with the research and evaluation initiated by the theorist as per my observation on the boy in question.

Gesell’s theory was used to evaluate the physical development of the child. According to the theory, the mental and physical development of children, adolescents, and infants are similar and correspond in a systematic progression. It is true based on the observation of the boy. Significantly, the theorist’s perspective about physical development is right as it is something that can be compared wholly with both mature and young ones. Thus, I agree with the perception made because the reasoning capacity of the infant, child, and adolescent is different (Beckett et al., 2010). The rationale for my perspective is the fact that a child cares and does what he or she is told whereas an adolescent will do what he or she deems right.


In summary, the paper has considered the issues associated with child development and growth in a comprehensible manner. The relevant theorists have been used in this case to illustrate and prove how a child usually grows physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Therefore, the boy being observed in this case is growing in the right way as the theories used for the analysis seem to prove the point. Additionally, the boy has a gift that can be termed as genius based on the way he memorizes and puts things into practice with ease. Therefore, he is a child who is growing well in terms of his behavior and his traits as a five-year-old boy.

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