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Oil and Politics Project Summary Free Essay

Article 1: Bronson, R. (2006). 5 Myths About U.S.-Saudi Relations. The Washington Post.

In this article, the issues which result in the misunderstanding of the relationship existing between the US and Saudi Arabia are well indicated. One of the issues clarified is the misconception that the US- Saudi Arabia relationship is due to a bargain of oil, but in a real sense, their relationship was aimed at fighting against communism during the cold war. The issue of the 9/11 hijacking also undermines strong Saudi-US ties. The US is also concerned with the strategic relationship existing between Saudi and other countries such as China due to increasing oil demand. Chances of the collapse of the Saudi kingdom also make it have stronger ties with the US, as the latter will offer better planning to the royal family, thus ensuring its sustainability.

Article 2: Time Inc (2014).Osama Bin Laden vs. the House of Saud.

This is an interview carried out between Scott MacLeod and Time Inc. MacLeod indicates that it is hard to determine the level of threats posed by terror groups such as al-Qaeda in areas such as Riyadh. This is because of the closed nature of Saudi Society. Further, Osama bin Laden and his group pose a threat as they accuse the Saudi Government of being a puppet of the West. The issue of jihad inside the kingdom is also hard to deal with as the majority of attacks are carried out by the insiders.

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Article 3: San, U. (2014). The unhealthy U.S.-Saudi relationship must change. The San Diego Union-Tribune.

This article, authored by U-T San indicates the need to ensure a healthy relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. The military and oil dependence between Saudi Arabia and the US respectively is cited as one of the issues which strengthened the relationship existing between the two countries. However, in the recent past, tycoons from Saudi are accused of fueling terrorism such as Islamic State witnessed in Iraq, which the US is opposed to hence causing conflicts between the US and Saudi. According to the article, there is a need for Saudi to do more to conflict with the increasing cases of terror in this area, thus supporting the US.

Article 4: Council on Foreign Relations (2014). Strengthening the U.S.-Saudi Relationship (A CFR Paper).

In this article, the common interests and the fundamentals which define the relationship between the US and Saudi are given, especially after the 9/11 incident. For instance, the US-Saudi relationship helps to further the interests of the former in the Middle East. Other aspects include oil supply as well as oil price stability, the need to enhance the stability of the Kingdom. There is also the Arab-Israel crisis guided by Abdullah’s Initiative, for military purposes such as helping in conflict resolution in Iraq, Islamic radicalization as well as other aspects of financial cooperation.

Article 5: Scrank, P. (2014). Awkward relations. The Economists.

In this article, the behaviors of the US president, Barrack Obama, when he visited Saudi in 2009 is criticized by the Republican snipers. According to them, he seemed to bow deeply when he met the Saudi leaders. Therefore, the lack of a well-planned protocol may make the relationship between these two nations to be awkward. In the article, the history of the US which backs from the time of President Roosevelt is offered. The dwindling relationship between Saudi and the US is attributable to the surging production of oil in the US, thus making it depend less on Saudi. Also, the pursuit of nuclear weapons in Iran together with the European allies such as Germany has further constrained the relationship. This is also made worse by the war in Syria where the US is supplying weapons of War to the anti-government rebels. All in all, a healthy relationship between these two countries is important to ensure their sustainability both in the short and the long run.


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