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Due to the ongoing extensive customer feedback on our products, we at Panda Express our a continuous commitment to serving the public with healthy food. The trust the customers have had in use for a long time makes us the wide distributed Chinese food chains in the country. We offer a variety of foods ranging from the popular orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, Beijing beef, and Kung Pao chicken. We also serve combo meals with fried chicken, chow mein, steamed rice, and mixed vegetables. We do not add any monosodium glutamate in any of our products just as we do not buy any products from any company adding monosodium glutamate in their by-products.

Consumer Demands and Incomes

Most of our customers demand to know the type of our gluten-free products. A gluten-free diet excludes the protein gluten in its contents. Such diets treat several celiac diseases. Gluten causes inflammation of the small intestines of people with celiac diseases. This is an important consideration in strive to serve all the demands for different customers across the nation. We currently do not have any gluten-free products on our menus but our food experts are currently engaging our food experts and nutritionists in developing such recipes.

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Customer demand for vegetarian foods has also hit our concerns. We currently do not offer any vegetarian meals on our menus. This is because all our food products are prepared with or close to meat products. The company experts and food nutritionists work day and night to come up with such food products in our menus to reach public customer demand.

Our company mainly generates its income from the retail sales of our food products at the many retail outlets across the country and in neighboring countries. The company uses the majority of its profits in expanding the company through the opening of new retail branches throughout the country. Some of the profits pay the many employees the company has.

New Product Development and Technological Change

Most of the Americans in the past thought of Chinese foods as fried rice and orange chicken. Our company has revolutionized the ideas of the Chinese food industry, its distribution to the public, and its packaging. Over time, we have moved our outlets from basements of malls to stand-alone individual restaurants. We have moved the public and the sophisticated American palate from the perception of Chinese foods as oily and fried to the entry of 20 different kinds of vegetables in restaurants and home delivery. In the urge to meet public demand, the restaurant is in the process of testing brand new recipes for shrimps and Angus steak. The two are among the company’s plans to go upscale and sophisticated in its food distribution.

The company has more than 150 new recipes it wants to introduce to the market. However, out of these vast recipes, only a few of the products will find their way into the market. These are after several years of trials and errors to ensure the products meet the taste demand of the public. As the company, we have to put 60 to 70 different sauces and individually taste them. After the testing, we narrow it down to six sauces that are proven enjoyable to everyone.

At the company, we are currently putting into test the replacement of our traditional two-entrée so we to put up with the competition of the growing number of Asian food outlets. The new technological advancement went into testing on March 7 in six of our markets. It includes three entrées. The advancement is to meet our customer demand for more variety in our outlets.

Industry Composition, Foreign Competitors, and New Entrants

As a company venturing in food distribution, we have to put up with immense competition from e coming fast-food companies both well established and incoming. The major competitors in this industry include McDonald’s and KFC. As opposed to the time when our two major competitors ventured in meat chicken nuggets, we ventured in getting a good deal of chicken, the dark meat, which the other two were not using. Not only did we purchase our chicken meat at a lower price but we also kept our meat moisturized due to the high-fat content in black meat.

We have a complex industry composition. We are proud to say e run more than 1600 restaurants in more than 42 states in the United States of America including outlets in Puerto Rico and formally in Japan. Last year we extended out outlets to Canada in the aim of reaching out to more customers internationally.

New entrants in the food industry in the US market prove threat to most of the well-established restaurants in the country. Given the fact that there are n legal obstructions that would bar a company from entering the food industry, many small companies have continuously entered the industry hence offering stiff competition. A&W Restaurants, Applebee’s company, and Arby’s are among the new entrants in the industry that poses a threat to our company in terms of competition. Despite this, we assure our customers of our continued customer relations and improvement of our customer service.

Changes in Public Policy in Home Jurisdiction

Changes in our course of actions as far as the market for our products is concerned are a factor to consider. We deal with our products with at most hygiene given the fact that they are for human consumption. We consider introducing health foods such as making gluten-free products suitable for patients with celiac diseases. Improving our relationship with customers is definitely on our top plans in the current year. We have also considered introducing new kinds of foods in our menus and increasing the recipes for our foodstuffs. Through our food experts and nutritionists, we have considered trying out some new recipes certain to satisfy public demand.

The current performance of the company is recommendable. In the past year, the company’s annual profits were way above 4 million US dollars. Despite the constant competition we have faced from other food chains such as McDonald’s; we still strive on improving our performance for this year and the rest of the years. We have put up several strategies to enable us to reach the goals e have set for this year. The strategies aim at analyzing our strengths and using them to our advantage. One of the main strengths we have as a company is the fact that we are among the first Chinese food chains in the country. This makes us well established hence has gained us the enormous trust from our customers. We look forward to using this to gain more customers and also by opening more food chains to add on the many we already have. Despite the much stronger, our strategies also entail analyzing our weaknesses and improving on them. The lack of a vegetarian meal course in our menus is one of the weaknesses we face as the company. Concerning this, we have engaged our food experts in working to include a vegetarian diet in the menus to teach the customer demand. E also engage in analyzing the opportunities e currently have among them the opportunity of earning customer trust not just within the country but as far as Canada and Japan. We plan to use this to expand our business to global standards and open outlets all over the world with time. Eliminating and reducing threats is also one of our concerns. The only way we will reduce competitors is by striving to do more for our customers than they do. Establishing a state of the earth customer service is among our agendas.

Negative publicities associated with the sexual assault of three female teenagers by a male kitchen supervisor between 2007 and 2009 in Hawaii majorly affected us. The CEO of the company announced compensating the teenagers a total of 150 thousand US dollars for the action of the employee. The CEO Mr. Andrew Cherng is one of the most successful entrepreneurs that have contributed to the economic growth of greater California and the United States of America as a whole.

On improving on the company’s distribution and service to its countrywide customers, the CEO has gone to a far extent of bringing his outlets to the doorstep of the country’s citizens. The CEO should however consider improving the menu and making it more diverse to meet all the customer demand. However, this is somehow not possible due to the diversity of the tastes of people. By ensuring to meet the needs of the majority puts the company at the forefront and minimizes competition from other upcoming food chain companies. Establishing a friendly customer relationship is required for making sure the company holds on to the existing customers and gets new ones. This will increase the profits and sales of the company over time. Despite all this, the company has incredibly outperformed its competitors and it will take several years before some other Asian food chain surpasses it.

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