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Internet usage has played a great role in changing our thinking as well as study habit.

The purpose of this argument is to establish the truth that online search is affecting the American education system. The author who to is a victim of online search shows how there is a great change in the education system. There are no longer the so-called reading books as many individuals opt for use of online materials (Carl, 2). Several studies have proofed that internet use has simplified academic work due to the wide range of data available. This though has come with its negative consequences in that the book reading culture is now facing extinction. Before the discovery of the internet, individuals were involved with reading various academic materials such as books.

The population of interest for this essay is the internet users. They have been shown to have changed their study habits in that they depend on online for all their work (Carr, 2. They are seen to have adopted the culture of relying on the internet source of information while at the same time have lost book reading culture. Online search has been shown by the author to change the audience’s cognition. This is a result of high dependency on the internet as a source of information. The reading of offline materials such as books has greatly faded. Unlike a few years ago, people utilizing the internet more and more. The author is one of the victims. He tells of how he is experiencing a change in his mind owing to dependent on the internet source of academic materials (Carr, 2). He says that he cannot read a lengthy book without losing his concentration. According to him, this is a problem shared by so many people. The Internet has thus been shown by the author as well as by several researchers to interfere with our cognition.

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The author is showing how the system of education in America has changed over the years owing to the evolvement of online search. There has been a shift from the traditional reading where the readers depended on written books and other material to the current use of online search (Carr, 2). There has been an increase in the use of internet-related material in recent years. The author has made it clear that he too is a victim of online search use and this makes his work to be trusted by the audience. He uses proper grammar and he can give examples of some of his friends who too are victims of internet dependency. He puts more emphasis on the effects of online search claiming that it eludes one’s capacity to read academic materials such as books (Carr, 2).

To back his claim, the author has quoted the previous research done. Great emphasis is stressed on the importance of using the internet. The author argues that its use has made work easier as research that would have taken a long period can now take a limited amount of time. The author can make use of various rhetoric strategies. He uses exemplification by providing facts about the use of online search (Harris, 12). This strategy provides facts, experience, as well as the use of interview quotations. Exemplification is clearly shown when the author provides facts from previous research done. He also shares his personal experience as well as the experiences of his friends.

There is the use of narration and this emergence when the writer talks of his experience with online search (Harris, 11). He says that he can no longer concentrate on reading a lengthy book. According to him, this has been attributed to the fact that he spends a lot of time on the internet. His friends too are victims of this. The author also uses argumentation in his work (Harris, 12). He can convince his audience that there is a great influence of the internet to change of education system. The cause and effect analysis strategy is clear in his work. The author can explain why he cannot be able to complete reading a book today unlike before. According to him, he spends more time on the internet where more information is readily available. He Claims that the use of the internet has caused his learning habit as more focus is on internet source materials instead of books.

To make information more accessible to human beings, the Google group founders have an ambition of developing a search engine that will be directly connected to the brain (Harris, 12). Such a move is aimed at improving access to information. It will be artificial intelligence and when this happens, everybody everywhere will not have a problem accessing information. Online search is faster and more efficient compared to books. The introduction of the search engine will thus make the research work even much easier as it will solve problems that have never found answers. They argue that our mind should process data at high speed. If this happens, there are going to be two different categories of human beings. Those who utilize the internet will be at an upper hand as far as processing and use of information is concerned. When it comes to research work as well as other academic work, they will be able to get information readily unlike the individuals who are not using the internet.

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