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A history essay is different from an essay on any other discipline in social or natural sciences. When writing history essay papers, students have to illustrate events, describe social issues and provide scientific evidence whilst keeping in mind the time and location of the aforementioned items. In addition, it's essential to illustrate historical characters, provide an insight on their speaking and behavioral patterns. Scholars should have exceptional skills and knowledge to write impressive papers on American and European history essay topics.

Tips on Managing Sources of Your Custom Essay

College and university history essay papers can be based on primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are documents (letters, diaries, photographs, memos) created by people who actually took part or witnessed the events you are writing about. Papers that use primary sources try to reconstruct the given event and provide scientific explanations to it. Such essays require proper research and analysis. Students need to gather, evaluate and choose the most relevant facts to produce a high-quality history essay that is written from a given perspective.

When talking about secondary sources, it should be noted that those include history books and encyclopedias. Papers based on such sources evaluate some events and their influence on the society. To write such an essay, you need to sort out and compare several sources.

How to Develop History Essays

Due to the lack of knowledge or skill, many students fail to develop exceptional art history essays. Sometimes scholars simply need detailed guidelines to create a decent paper. Below you will find some of them.

  • It is vital to use a reader-friendly vocabulary, so try to eliminate terms that are hard to understand or provide proper explanations. Remove all the words that may undermine the quality of your paper;
  • Follow all the instructions provided by your professor. In case you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask your instructor to clarify such points. Use tables and graphs to make your paper look more professional;
  • Use only relevant background information on your particular topic. Never try to lead your reader astray;
  • Make sure that your introduction has a clear thesis statement;
  • A good essay should be properly formatted and free from plagiarism. Your professor may ask you to format your paper in APA, Chicago, Harvard or MLA writing style;
  • You should choose an interesting topic and explore it in detail. Usually, professors give a variety of world history essay questions to choose from. Pick one that is of great interest for you;
  • Check your paper for spelling and grammar errors to make sure that it is spotless. Any stylistic, logical, punctuation or grammatical mistakes may undermine your grade;
  • The quality of your essay depends on the sources you use. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the sources presented in your paper are relevant. Books, peer-reviewed journals, letters, diaries and academic web pages are usually the best choices;
  • You should ensure that the flow of information is smooth. So, you need to come up with proper transition sentences;
  • Critical thinking, analytical and writing skills always come handy when you need to evaluate different sources and create your own paper.

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