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If you do not know or if you are unsure how to write a history essay, then you should carefully read each piece of information provided in the article given below. We hope that our practical hints concerning how to write a history essay will assist you in completing not only your historical essay but also other pieces of writing in the future.

Essential Elements

There are several essential elements of academic custom essay writing, such as a thesis statement and, of course, evidence, which is divided into three parts. These parts comprise the introduction, the main body with three or four paragraphs devoted to your arguments, and the conclusion. All scholarly and academic writing, from ordinary custom essays to dissertations, should follow such significant guidelines.

Thesis Statement

Historical essay writing is always supposed to be based on a thesis. Do you know what a thesis is? It can be an argument or a statement which the writer is to provide in his/ her piece of writing. The thesis statement presents or states your position, specific interpretation, or point of view on the issue or problem under study.

When you work on any type of essay, you should do your best to demonstrate creativity, originality, as well as critical thinking of yours by presenting what the question asks, and why it is of great significance rather than simply repeating or restarting it. Your unique informed perspective or point of view is what does matter a lot. The majority of students usually ask whether a "thesis statement" is not just their "viewpoint or opinion" of a specific historical question. It is worth stressing that a thesis statement is, by all means, a "specific perspective or point of view," but it is very special: it is supposed to be based not only on certain beliefs but also on logical arguments supported by a corroborative and reliable piece of evidence. An ideal critical custom essay should acknowledge that a great number of different perspectives are expectable or possible concerning any question, yet it should demonstrate the validity of the viewpoint of the writer.

Thesis and Specific Pieces of Evidence

In order to formulate or provide an eye-catching argument, you should have both a strong and powerful thesis statement, as well as plausible and corroborative evidence. Consider that these two elements should be interdependent on the one hand and support one another on the other hand. A strong and powerful thesis statement requires concrete pieces of evidence otherwise it will be difficult to convince other people. Take into account that quotes, statistics, dates, tables, lists of details, and charts do not mean anything by themselves. The most essential tasks of each writer are to choose the significant "facts or pieces of evidence" and then to present them in a persuasive, systematic, and reasonable manner, which proves his / her viewpoint. In order to support each of your arguments or points of view, you should also be good at applying footnotes and presenting bibliographies or lists of references for your essay. The key purpose of footnotes is to demonstrate the writer's thesis against numerous pieces of evidence. For instance, if your teacher or professor is not sure of your arguments, he/she can refer to your footnotes or the list of references to check whether you used original and reliable sources.

If you hesitate how to write a history essay or complete the list of references or bibliographies, you can always refer to our company and our highly experienced editors and writers for help and support.

Historical Essay Writing

We would like to focus your attention on the fact that history essay writing is not the same as writing in such fields of science as literature, social sciences, or natural sciences. Though all of them keep to the generally accepted structure, historical essay writing is also dependent on a great number of arguments and pieces of evidence that should correctly present different past events, situations, or deeds. When working on the completion of your history essay, you need to avoid using impressive statements regarding mankind in general and be very careful of various theories that suit all the cases.

The Structure of Historical Essays


When you are going to write a historical essay, you should consider that the introductory part in such essays presents a clear and understandable thesis statement, as well as give explanations of what the readers should expect in other paragraphs. This part should comprise the most significant facts that you are planning to present in every paragraph. Such phrases as "In the following essay, you will be able to learn, you will find out that, I will speak about, etc." are recommended to be avoided in the introductory part of historical essays.

Main Body

In the majority of cases, the body part consists of three or four paragraphs that provide historical facts or pieces of evidence that are to support a thesis statement. The number of paragraphs may depend on the complexity of the topic chosen or the number of facts or evidence that you are going to present or touch upon. You can provide such pieces of evidence as to dates, places, names, terms, events, or statistics to support your key thesis statement.

The topic sentence is aimed at informing the readers what the paragraph is devoted to. Avoid using such phrases as "I am going to dwell on", "You will see" or "I will write about" in the topic sentence. You should write understandable statements that clearly reflect the paragraph content.

The last sentence of each supporting paragraph may be either a linking or closing sentence. A closing sentence is supposed to summarize the most important elements presented in the paragraph. A linking sentence is aimed at linking this paragraph with the next one.


In the conclusion, you should restate the argument that you presented in the introduction differently. The most significant facts or evidence are summarized and no other pieces of novel information should be provided.

Now you have a clear idea of the historical essay structure and how to write a history paper accordingly. If you need, you can always have a close look at our history essay example on a certain topic given on our website.

How to Choose Interesting History Topics

Before commencing writing your historical essay, you should prepare a list of interesting questions or facts that you would like to work on. If you do this, it will be easier for you to present and defend your powerful and strong argument regarding something that you are interested in or crazy about. Then you can complete the list of possible interesting history topics. You can show the list to your teacher or professor who can advise you on what topic you should focus on.

Ponder on the interesting history topic or question in the ways given below:

  • Why is the problem or issue of great significance?
  • What key point makes it so interesting?
  • What could be my first reaction to the set question: yes, by all means; definitely no; maybe or why not?
  • Do I disagree or agree with the interpretation that the topic chosen suggests?
  • What issues or problems will I be able to research by answering the following question?
  • What kind of information or material is the set question requires me to refer to?

It is also very essential to have a precise look at the question under consideration and ask yourself whether you understand what this question requires you to do? If you are unsure, or if you need to check whether the approach chosen does address this question, refer to your teacher or our online academic writing company for a piece of advice. Each essay topic is supposed to focus on a specific subject content provided in tutorials or given in lectures, as well as on reading that you managed to complete. When you read the works or researches of other scholars, historians, or researchers suggested in the reading lists, you will be able to see how they approached the issue or problem under your focus.

It is worth noting that many historians and researchers usually disagree concerning the significance or meaning of certain events, or apply different pieces of evidence to challenge the interpretations that were previously provided. They can apply various approaches to the question under discussion, and offer numerous ways that could be utilized to examine a problem, be it the issue of racism in the USA or the influence of colonial and monarchic rule in India.

While you do an introductory reading of yours, you should review all lecture notes and brood on your viewpoint, your personal opinion concerning other researchers, as well as your individual reaction or reply to the problem or issue under study. You should carefully determine, examine and make the evaluation of each fact or piece of evidence: what conclusions can be drawn? What interpretations can best suit the available pieces of evidence?

Coming up with Your Arguments

You read the articles and books recommended by your tutor and definitely came up with certain considerations regarding how you could approach the set question, and you got a good idea concerning how other researchers and scholars interpreted the problem or topic under study. You collected a great number of facts, pieces of evidence, or other data from various sources and you tried to map out your key arguments or ideas on paper. In order to plan your history essay, you should come up with your clear argument or viewpoint that is to guide the writing of your towards a logical and clear conclusion.

When you commence planning your history essay, you ought to be able to present your thesis statement is a fairly straightforward and understandable way, taking into account your experience, initial reading, knowledge, and research for the chosen topic.

Always keep in mind that your essay is to show your readers how and why you managed to arrive at definite conclusions in your piece of writing.

Presentation and Format of Your History Essay

One of the most significant skills inefficient communication is the style of formatting and presenting your piece of writing in ways that assist rather than hamper the readers.

The impression of fluency, clarity, coherency, and organization that are created using perfect formatting is of great significance; otherwise, a good history essay completed without considering formatting is regarded as an ineffective and poor piece of communication.

Significant Points to Take into Consideration:

  • Pay attention to word count. The most important aim of writing any type of essay is to write to a certain target. For instance, a 600 words history essay on the topic The Key Factors that Led Nazi Germany to the Defeat in the Second World War should be very coherent and present detailed and clear facts. Try your best to find a balance between the essay word count and everything you want to present in your piece of writing.
  • Print, handwrite or type your piece of writing only on one side of the paper, utilizing standard A4 paper. Do not forget to number every page. For instance, for a 600 words history essay, you should provide your teacher or professor with a printed or typed copy. Consider that handwriting can be applied while writing short assignments;
  • One-and-a-half, single or double spacing can be used depending on the requirements set by your educational establishment or teacher. It is recommended to leave a 4cm margin on the left-hand side and a 1.5cm margin on the right-hand side. If you do this, it will be very convenient for your teacher to leave some comments so that you will be able to consider, as well as ease his/ her reading. You can apply a 12 or14-point font, depending on the set requirements.
  • Ensure that your history essay looks nice. There are paper clips, staples, a plastic folder, or whatever you think should be.

Interesting History Essay Topics that You Can Ponder on

History is considered an exciting and interesting subject to study either in high school, college, or university. One of the outstanding people once said that those people who do not know their past would not be able to predict or create their future.

No matter what historical topic you will choose, you should always take into consideration that there are or could be novel approaches that you will be able to apply to your discussion.

Some interesting and fascinating ideas to make you think and write your perfect history essay:

  • What reasons led to the Arab Spring?
  • Was there an urgent need to start the Vietnam War?
  • What circumstances contributed to the end of US neutrality and its participation in the First World War?
  • Why has the USA been playing the role of the "World Policeman" for many decades?
  • What are the historical reasons for the Opium Wars taking place in China?
  • Why did ancient Egyptians visit Australia many thousands of years ago? Historical pieces of evidence found in Australia.
  • What factors and reasons influenced the beginning of the Civil War?
  • How did the Crusades manage to sell the people of Africa and Europe?
  • Write a detailed profile on any of the historical people, such as Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, or Mao Zedong.
  • Choose two colonies, for instance, Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony, and make a comparative analysis of their politics and economy.
  • Should the Atomic Bomb have been dropped on Japan or could another way out of the situation have been found by the US Government and President?
  • What lessons did humankind learn from the terrorist attacks committed in 2017?
  • What is the impact of the 5th Amendment on the development of the Judicial System in the USA?
  • Which Emperor of the Chinese Empire was buried with a huge terracotta army? What are the reasons?
  • How did the Iron Lady manage to change world politics?
  • The Blue Book Project: Who and why has been hiding the truth for decades?
  • Why was Adolf Hitler recognized as the Man of the Year in 1938?
  • Why did the civilization of Inkas disappear?
  • The Mahābhārata: A mysterious or truthful book
  • The Heritage of Ancient Greece and its influence on the world's development.

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