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As much as films are educative and are the primary source of entertainment, they also have a high impact on the political sensibilities of people throughout the world. There are films on politics that can help people to critically think and, at the same time, show them a new perception that is worth thinking about. Political films contribute to creating an environment, where individuals can freely make decisions on which political party to support and whom they wish to vote for. This essay critically analyses and discusses a few movies to support the thesis statement that films can change the political sensibilities of people.

Critical Reviews #1 #2 #3 #4

The Milk

This movie is about a homosexual who was mistreated and discriminated against back in the 1970s. Freedom and access to good jobs were limited for homosexuals back then, and there was even a danger that such people could be killed for who they were. Homosexual individuals, however, put a fight and opposition, as they struggled to gain equality, which others could enjoy. The film gives an insight into both heterosexual and homosexual people, as well as on the political rights of gay people. The films can, therefore, affect and transform the political sensibilities of people.

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The three most significant sentences that form the body of the essay are as follows; first, there is a debate between Senator Briggs and Milk. The discussion shows that proposition six suggests only hatred but not a concern for heterosexual children. Secondly, there are instances when gay men are getting fired, mistreated, and sometimes killed because of who they are. These events are used to point out the darkest side of homophobia to an ignorant viewer. Lastly, Milks quotation and declaration of freedom attract and encourage the desire to gain the full equality that was dead for some time, regardless of sexual teachings that forefathers passed on to their children.

The scenes in the film that support the thesis statement are: first, Cleve Jones describes how blood spilled by the gays and lesbians is flow in the gutter, while others watch with empathy. That there was the unjust killing of gays and lesbians because of their sexuality. Secondly, Milk and Briggs have a debate in Fullerton. According to Briggs, homosexual teachers can easily convince their students to change their sexuality and become gays and lesbians. Milk disagrees with this statement, claiming that his parents and educators were heterosexual, but he ended up being gay himself. Lastly, they give Milk a death threat. He uses this opportunity to declare his freedom by claiming that there should an equal treatment for all men.

Gus Van Sant uses the Milk film to reveal the struggles that homosexuals went through back in the 1970s. Initially, there existed political discrimination towards homosexuals. They, however, fight to have political equality. The struggles of the characters for equality in the political fields give the homosexual viewers, who may not be politically conscious of their political rights and responsibilities, the sense and will that they need to have; those feelings may eventually transform their political sensibilities. Therefore, the film is a real insight element that can change the political sensibilities of not only homosexuals but also straight people by revealing the causes and dangers of mistreating and discriminating against homosexuals, both politically and socially.

People claim that Milk is the first gay man who had a seat in the public office. He, however, faces a lot of challenges from people because of his sexual orientation. For instance, White, his colleague at work, does not support his sexuality. He even votes against gays. Milk believes White is a gay man in a closet. He, therefore, declares freedom to all gay people when he gets capital punishment. After watching the movie, one becomes enlightened on the life of homosexuals and, therefore, accepts them for who they are and does not oppose them (Fisher 4).

My Own Private Idaho

My Own Private Idaho can transform an individual’s political sensibilities by explaining how they relate to societal norms and cultural beliefs. The film critically reveals personal conflicts in people, as they try to fight off their sexuality and maintain their own in the community.

In the movie, Scott lies about his sexuality, so that he can create a false identity for himself. Initially, he did this to get back at his father. However, the truth is, just like the street hustlers, Scott seems lost. Secondly, Mike has no strong link between morality and sexuality. Every time he faces any dangerous situation, he goes to sleep to avoid thinking about it. During one of his dreams, he imagines himself back in the days when he had a stable identity and had a good life with his mother. He tries to figure out how things changed to what they are now. Lastly, the sexuality-affected hustlers, who all meet at a teashop and share their life experience stories. They all have everyday struggles and experiences in life.

The scenes that support the thesis statement are: first, the cafeteria meeting of the hustlers and gay boys, where they talk about their life experiences and are making fun of them. They believe that they do not live a normal life and have to make individual decisions that affect their relations with others. Secondly, from all the characters, Scott seems to be the one who least understands his life situation. He goes back to his mentor and accepts a new lifestyle without taking into consideration the transition links. Lastly, Mike cannot harmonize his past and current life situations. He sleeps a lot to avoid thinking about it and every time he sleeps he imagines a better life with his mother. When he is upset, he passes out.

Most of the characters seem to have a problem balancing between their sexuality and personal identity. By portraying the struggles that the characters go through, as they try to decide on which path they want to follow, the film can easily influence the audience to change their political sensibilities. It becomes evident that every person has their inner struggles and, therefore, behaves or reacts to situations in a different manner. Therefore, by accepting every person for who they are, then the political and social beliefs about them will eventually change.

My Own Private Idaho (Wiseman 24) makes it easy for parents and friends to understand the life of a gay relative or a friend. The film reveals some of their fears and challenges in life. For instance, Mike has narcoleptic experiences every time he tries to have sex with a woman. The audience can, therefore, relate to gay men and may eventually accept them as ordinary people.

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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing is a film that puts a lot of emphasis on the ethnic stereotypes that may exist in any neighborhood. It is easy for the movie to influence and transform the political sensibilities of an individual. One also has to be keen on the environmental setup and the relationships between groups of people if their political beliefs change in any way.

There are three main ideas. First, there is a conflict between two different groups of individuals, the individualist, and the collectivist. Secondly, people are treated depending on the color of their skin. It is more likely that others will mistreat the blacks. Lastly, love and hate are the two central values in the society in the film. Neighbors accept each other as friends or enemies, depending on the love and hate basis.

The thesis statement can be supported by a few thoughts. First, an Italian-American man owns a pizzeria, and it is situated in a black locality. He, however, only posts pictures of Italian celebrities on the walls. Then there is a customer who comes in and tells him that he should post photos of black celebrities since his business is successful because of the blacks. There is a conflict between collectivism and individualism. It becomes questionable if it is a good idea for the pizza place owner to only have Italian pictures on his walls. Secondly, Raheem plays loud music, which is annoying to some of his neighbors. The pizzeria owner is against it. He hates Raheem for it. He believes Raheem is forcing others with what they do not want. He claims he does not go around forcing people into his pizzeria. Therefore, Raheem and the pizzeria are foes. Lastly, people gather together and decide to kill Raheem whom they considered an enemy. As long as they have different skin colors, they can agree. But since they have different beliefs, they may eventually disagree and become foes again.

People who live in the same neighborhood must understand and respect one another. One should not engage in any activities that are likely to interfere with the peace and freedom of others. Ethnicity should be non-existent, and people should treat each other with equity. Equity and respect prevent any possible cases of conflicts and, therefore, ensure that people treat each other as friends and not foes.

Neighborhoods consist of all characters of individuals from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. Therefore, by accepting each other and respecting each other’s beliefs and characters, it becomes easy for people in any community to form a friendly relationship with each other. They can help each other in times of need. Their sources of livelihood will eventually succeed. Do The Right Thing is a film that encourages people to accept each other and to support each other (Lee 34).

Boyz N the Hood

The societal problems portrayed in the film Boyz N the Hood can affect the political and social sensibilities of every individual who watches the movie. The sufferings and the struggles of characters in the film trigger empathy and sympathy in the audience. They can quickly change their views towards others and treat them better, mainly to prevent their society and the generation to come from experiencing what they have witnessed in the film.

Firstly, the topic sentence that forms a part of the body is the discrimination that exists among people in society by their social status, race, and ethnicity. Secondly, women are considered inferior, if compared to men. They get the lowest social class in society, and people limit them from doing certain responsibilities. Lastly, the film also concentrates on guns, violence and drugs, and substance abuse, especially among the young; these are some of the biggest challenges in society.

To support the thesis statement, the film reveals how the black was mistreated and discriminated in the community. For example, at the start, the police abuse Tres father since they have guns and he does not. Surprisingly, the blacks discriminate against fellow blacks. For instance, later on, when Tre is an adult, he has a gun pointed at his head by a black officer. Secondly, there is a lot of violence in the film. Ricky gets into a fight with three other guys, and the guy kills him in the process. Violence and gunfights seem to be the solution to every man’s problem. Lastly, Tre mistreats his girlfriend for asking what is wrong with him when he gets home with his clothes full of blood. It may seem that Tre does not want his girlfriend to know anything, since she is a woman and the problem at hand is the all-men situation. The film portrays women as weak and unreasonable.

The film Boyz N the Hood gives insight into the problems that every society is likely to face. Racial discrimination, violence, and discriminating against women are the three main problems. The characters are faced with challenges and have to find a solution. By watching the film, the viewers become aware of the problems and will try to avoid experiencing the same in their lives.

Even after twenty years of being released, Boyz N the Hood has remained very important and relevant, especially to the small and growing societies. As much as the movie set is in a black neighborhood, all the problems experienced are pertinent to every other community throughout the world. It evokes the need to care about others, treat them equally, and the role of women in women in society (Boys 7).

Threaded Discussions

Documentary Film Review

The assigned documentary film texts can significantly transform an individual’s political sensibilities. The documentary film books expose different life struggles and show how people strive to make their lives more straightforward. There are a lot of problems in every society, and each has the responsibility of ensuring that they find solutions to the problems. People are affected so much by what they hear or see about the experiences of other people. Since people come, different ethnic groups, social statuses, backgrounds, and social cultures, then they are bound to have divergent beliefs on certain aspects of life. Some religions do not accept homosexual people, but once they are exposed to the plight and struggles those people go through, then they may eventually accept them. In most societies, there is no election of homosexuals to any public office, and as such, cannot participate in the economic and social welfare of the community. Denial to leadership may limit people with good development programs from coming into power simply because they are gays or lesbians. Again, violence has over the years been the only way to find solutions to solving problems in our communities. However, by showing people the effects and dangers of violence, then they may resort to some other peaceful methods like arbitration to find solutions to their problems.

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Women are people too and can participate positively in the welfare development of the country. Gender equality is essential at all times. Lastly, discrimination of individuals is based on their race or ethnicity limits, and their involvement in the political arena. They feel left out and may not contribute to important matters of the state like security. Since it is difficult to influence all people at the same time and educate them on the dangers of the mentioned challenges, then documentary films become the best option. The films use real-life experiences to educate and entertain people. After watching the movies, most people are likely to change their political sensibilities. As a person, I feel that the assignment has transformed my political views and will be as democratic as I can when elected by my leaders. The documentary film texts and the non-documentary film texts are similar since both show the plight of a different class of people that they go through because of who they are.

My Recommendations

Some other films that can significantly transform the political sensibilities of people are:

1. The Day After Tomorrow

Produced by Roland Emmerich in 2004, The Day After Tomorrow can make every person in the world mind about global warming. As much as it does not seem scientifically plausible, the film shows how global warming brings on a new Ice Age. It makes its audience apprehensive and concerned about climate change. The viewers are likely to be sure that in the next fifty years, some climatic changes might take place, like extremely high temperatures and floods in most of the cities. People are likely to be transformed on their sensibility and become more cautious and protective of the environment (Leiserowitz 19).

2. The Cider House Rules

Lasse Hallstrom produced the Cider House Rules in 1999. Its setting is in Maine during World War II. During this period the country had enacted strict and restrictive abortion rules. The main character, Dr. Larch was, however, compassionate enough to perform abortions for young girls in terrible channels. The movie is likely to cause the audience to support safe and lawful abortion rules. They may even eventually require the legalization of abortion so that it becomes safe and easy for women to go through the process (Booth 5)


Films are better than books in transforming people’s political sensibilities. They are cheaper, readily available, and not voluminous. Films do not require too much concentration. The fact that they are entertaining makes them better tools that can be used to change the mindset of people. A larger audience can be captured using films, especially the youths who will again share their experiences with others. Therefore, films are better methods that can be utilized by any government, school, or organization and change people’s political views on certain aspects of life in society.

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