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Apple iPhone 5 Evaluation

The release of a new product is always supported by numerous commercials and advertisements that glorify it.

These commercials usually are created based on general expectations of potential customers from this product. This paper will show if the creativity and understanding of the targeted market and its customers helped the marketers to create the persuasive image of the iPhone 4 in the commercial from YouTube, called “iPhone 5 Design Video” (YouTube).

The commercial was created to show all the benefits of a new iPhone, according to the presupposed consumer benefits. What are they? A usual customer is attracted by the looks and design of the device, but not its performance, battery, price, and other unknown (at the very first moment) characteristics (Chapter 2 35; Chapter 3 63-67). Therefore, the main idea of such a commercial is to attract potential buyers with the following features: a new screen, a new body, a new camera, and only then new technologies and performance numbers. In this commercial, it was done perfectly because the screen and body caught the attention from the first moment.

However, it would be preferable to receive more detailed information regarding the efficiency of the battery (in real hours/days), the speed of the core processor (not just its image), and the amount of built-in memory. For a buyer, this information would be more useful, because the gentlemen in the commercial voice the numbers comparing them with the previous iPhones’ versions. Those who have never had an iPhone before, how could they understand their statements? The answer is clear (Chapter 3 62-63).

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The bottom line is: as for the wow-effect and making an excellent impression from the first seconds of the commercial, the creators are very good; however, it does not change the fact that all the benefits (except, probably, the FaceTime feature) are compared with the previous version of iPhone. It is not correct for the buyers, as people, who do not have an iPhone of any of the previous versions (Chapter 2 38-41).

The ideal smartphone preferably should have a large sensor screen, hardware control buttons (e.g. menu, search, back, home, etc.), a metal body, and a battery that can work for 7-10 days without recharging, a quick main processor, big capacity of the internal operational memory, optimal weight, and, of course, nice user interface. Are they real? Modern technologies allow creating screens of 4.3-5 inches big; so many people’s desire to have such screen in their smartphones is real. The screens of such size provide users with numerous opportunities for Internet browsing, book reading, navigation, and many others.

Hardware control buttons are probably the most controversial element of control in the modern smartphone. Therefore, some companies implement this element into their models; others prefer to make sensor buttons instead. Sensor buttons are good, but they cannot allow pressing them without looking. It is not always convenient. It would be better to have real buttons instead of sensor ones. The metal body is not a problem anymore for most of the smart phones’ manufacturers, but some of them still apply different kinds of plastic. It makes some people perceive good, powerful smartphones as cheap and inappropriate gadgets. In addition, plastic bodies are not that solid and more fragile than smartphones with metal bodies (even partial) (Chapter 3 102-104).

A quick main processor, big capacity of the internal operational memory, and nice user interface are standards de facto these days, so any smartphone should have them. Such battery as it was mentioned before is not real now, considering the size of the modern devices, their thin body, and big screen. However, the device that many buyers could purchase should have an opportunity to apply another, more powerful battery. It would be great to have such an opportunity “just in case” because a built-in battery is not the best feature if there is no power source around. Therefore, all these requirements are real, except for the one with a battery. Some companies make smaller screens that positively influence the battery lifetime; others create great smartphones with plastic bodies, and so on.

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As for iPhone 5 particularly, the commercial presents this smartphone as the most interesting, powerful, and convenient solution on the market. Creators even call it “revolutionary”. Well, the features that were seen in the commercial are interesting and attractive however, some of them do not correspond with the preferences, described above. It means that if someone likes iPhone 5 a lot, they should reconsider their preferences and wishes. Should they? (Chapter 3 85-93, 97).

At first, a person needs to clarify their attitude to this particular commercial.

It persuaded them to seek more information regarding this device. They would like to know more about its other features, real feedbacks from the “happy” customers, and other information related to iPhone 5. However, the commercial did not persuade me to purchase this device. First, it does not have any control buttons on the front panel. It is a substantial minus for some people. Secondly, this commercial is too “sweet”. It has included too many glorifying words and expressions, so people cannot make their own (Chapter 2 36-37). The commercial does not give any actual and precise description of the iPhone 5. It only provides people with an understanding of how it looks like and how great, perfect, and revolutionary it is. Such tricks do not work for many people. They need objective information to evaluate it and make a well-weighted decision (Chapter 3 105).

The second point is as follows: Apple Inc. is an unusual company.

Its attitude to the customers and fans that create most of the company’s sales disregard to the products and their quality is respectable. Their design solutions are also attractive. These smooth and plain lines in design combined with classic white color and aluminum inclusions look fantastic (including iPhone 5). It would not be the latest version – the iPhone 5. Therefore, it could be one of the next versions; time will show.

The summary regarding the commercial is as follows: it is an excellent presentation of new devices; however, it is too general and will not work for the possible Apple customers who would like to know much more about the new iPhone 5 (Chapter 2 38-48).

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