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It is not difficult to order a case brief with our service. In fact, this is the easiest thing you will ever do during your studies. You only need to fill the order form that you will find on our web page. Then you will proceed to payment, using our secure payment systems. Afterward, one of our law writers will start working on your case brief.

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What Is a Case Brief?

You can say, write my case brief paper for me, or you can try to understand what a case brief is and how it works. Using simple terms, a case brief is a concise presentation of a legal case. Most people, particularly those who do not specialize in law and justice, may have a difficult time reviewing court decisions and evaluating their consistency. This is what a case brief is for – summarizing the argument, emphasizing the court’s opinion, evaluating the rationale for the court’s decision, and analyzing the implications for future law practice.

Case Briefs Can Be Different

Case briefs do not follow the same set of rules or requirements. They follow the same simple logic, but they can vary significantly by type and intent.

Depending on the purpose of the case brief, you may want to differentiate between the following types of case briefs:
  1. Law: One of the main reasons thousands of students engage in case brief writing is because they need it to meet their grade and course requirements. Sometimes, case briefs are mandatory elements of the learning process. Some other times, students can write case briefs for extra grade points. In either case, all students in legal studies must know how to write case briefs.
  2. Legal practice: At times, an order for a case brief comes from a practicing lawyer or a student who is doing dissertation research to support his or her learning progress. The uniqueness of this case is that it is not simply about writing a summary of a legal case; rather, it is about outlining the key dimensions of the case and its implications for future decisions.
  3. Academic writing: In certain situations, case brief writing becomes a strategy for improving and refining students’ academic writing skills. Teachers may ask students to write a case brief just to see how well they can identify and summarize the most important data. It is about making a difference between facts and hypotheses. It can be a great opportunity for you to prepare for future academic work.

Check out our free Case Brief Samples!

  1. Lunney v. East-Line Engines Inc. (Fictional Case)
  2. Ocean Park v. Disneyland
  3. Salinas v. Texas
  4. Powell v. the State of Alabama

How to write a case brief?

  1. Begin with gathering the most valuable information. You will need it to understand the context, purpose, and outcomes of the selected legal case. You will also use this information to frame the future argument.
  2. Make notes. Put down the most important information or the information you believe will be useful in case brief writing. For example, you may want to remember some statistical data and use it in your brief.
  3. Outline and define the main issue considered in the selected case. In most cases, you will need to transform it into a question. It should be a question that warrants a simple answer – yes or no.
  4. Give yourself some time to review the pros and cons of each opinion, as well as the reasoning behind the court’s decision in the case. You must be clear as to why the court has ruled in this or that manner.
  5. Remember that your case brief can have a huge impact. Imagine that the extent to which you understand and present the information can influence the outcomes of your own legal case. If you are writing a case brief for your law major, justify the importance of this case for you and your audience.
  6. Be ready to answer questions. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions concerning your chosen cause when you present it in class.

How to Write a Case Brief: Structuring Case Briefs

Check if your case brief includes several mandatory components.
  1. Title and citation – you begin with specifying the case. Do not forget to name the parties involved. Make sure that the case brief includes a citation so that readers can track the original case and check the facts if needed.
  2. Summary of facts – begin with the most important ones. It will take time because facts and justifications are usually found in every section of the case. You will need to make an effort to differentiate between facts and assumptions. Also, check if you are following the guidelines – this is important as you are working on your case brief. While writing the summary, provide answers to the following questions:
    1. Why was the case brought to the court?
    2. What were the goals and intentions of each party?
    3. What laws and regulations did the court rely on?
    4. What did the court rule in this case?
  3. Case issue – here, you will formulate the main questions that had to be answered in this case. It is just a few sentences – one sentence, one question.
  4. Arguments used by each party involved in the case – you will have to identify the argumentation and reasoning used by each party. Why did they disagree?
  5. Court ruling – now you are approaching the court’s decision and the rationale for that decision. What was the reason the court ruled in that particular way?
  6. Dissenting opinion – if any of the justices did not support the majority opinion, what were their reasons?
  7. Legal rationale – stipulate the laws, principles, and precedents governing the court’s decision in your chosen case. Use these laws and principles to evaluate the consistency, rationality, and appropriateness of the court’s ruling. See if the facts of the case support the decision. Try to look further ahead and evaluate the potential of this case to become a precedent.
  8. Conclusion and implications – finally, you will wrap up the main argument and evaluate the significance and implications of your chosen case. Where there any other similar cases in the history of legal practice? What are the implications of the court’s decision for the future of law and justice in the country? Are there any factors that have distorted the court’s vision of the legal problem, leading to an inappropriate or inconsistent decision?

To conclude, a good case brief example can help you in your writing. However, you can always say do my case brief for me. With, even the most complicated case brief becomes real. Just place an order, as this is your chance to improve your results and grading for the entire course!

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