A Comprehensive Guide on Writing an Argumentative Essay.

Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essay

The main aim of an argument essay is to provide a clear standpoint on the topic with a few reasons backed up by reliable supporting evidence. There is a necessity to provide credible evidence in order to put forward an argument on the topic. If you are interested in how to write an argumentative essay, read on and find out the main principles of argument essays.

Where to Find Ideas What to Write about

Interesting argumentative essay topics can be found actually anywhere. If you want to come across an interesting topic, search for some news, newspaper or magazine headlines, and see what the most current topics are. Sometimes, you may even hear something interesting accidentally. When you hear a person persuading somebody else in his/ her claim, pay attention whether they are talking on the following issues:

  1. Who/ what caused it (the discussed event/ phenomenon/ occurrence, etc.);
  2. What significant does it bear?
  3. What can be done about it?

Sample Topic Questions

Among the five types of argumentative claims are the following:

  1. Fact: Is it believable and true or not?
  2. Definition: What is the real meaning of the concept?
  3. Value: What importance does it have?
  4. Cause and Effect: What are the causes and effects? How are they connected?
  5. Policy: What should be done about the issue?

How to Write Your Thesis

Question/Answer format: To formulate a strong and clear thesis statement from your core idea or message that you intend to convey, you need to turn the core claim into a research question first.

Check out these examples:

  • Do quarrels between parents have a deteriorating psychological impact on children? (fact)
  • What is domestic abuse? (definition)
  • What leads to divorce? (cause)
  • Is there any significance for couples when avoiding divorce? (value)
  • What is required from a couple to make their marriage or relationship divorce-proof? (proposal)

Answer: The research question can refer to the paper title or be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. The answer that you provide to your paper question is actually the thesis statement of the opening paragraph.

Example: One of the most significant ways that could help your marriage be divorce-proof is to ensure that you have thoroughly prepared for your lifelong commitment.

Refute Objections: One of the ways to formulate the thesis is to put an introductory phrase in the first part of the thesis statement to demonstrate that you refute other existing ideas concerning the answer.

Example: While according to the popular opinions there is no guarantee that a marriage will be divorce-proof, research findings have demonstrated that fewer divorces occur when partners thoroughly prepare for their commitment.

Roadmap: Another way to formulate a strong thesis statement is to organize a "roadmap" for the paper that will introduce a few of the core points that will be covered in the paper.

Example: While according to the popular opinions there is no guarantee that a marriage will be divorce-proof, research findings have demonstrated that fewer divorces occur when partners thoroughly prepare for their commitment, particularly when allowing themselves sufficient time to get to know each other before engagement, spending quality time together with friends and relatives, contemplating controversial and burning issues, as well as asking for assistance from premarital counselors.

Introduction and Conclusion

Introduction Ideas Conclusion Ideas
Introduce a real story What outcomes will you derive when others will accept your solution to the problem and implement it in practice?
Scenario: a sample imaginary story that serves for providing illustration for the problem Revise the imaginary scenario and demonstrate what will happen if your ideas were accepted by the target audience.
A surprising fact, controversial idea, statistics, etc. Provide an example from real-life experience to demonstrate how your ideas work.
Provide an explanation to the problem Tell readers what they need to believe, think, do, feel etc.
Provide vivid descriptions Make sure to appeal to reason, emotions, feelings, logic.
Provide a flashback or a frame story End the frame story.

Providing an Argumentative Essay Outline

When it comes to argumentative essay format, you need to keep in mind that these essays are straightforward in their structure and ideas layout. Therefore, when writing argument papers, do the following:

  1. Engage the reader into the discussed topic. Make sure the readers’ attention is drawn to the paper focus. The reader should be interested in reading the paper till the end and exploring some further information.
  2. Make sure to provide a clear explanation of the controversial aspect surrounding the research topic.
  3. Shed light on different perspectives of the debate.
  4. Pinpoint to your position.
  5. Persuade the reader that your position is the best in the context of this situation.
  6. Refute any counterarguments that might come up in the process of researching the topic.
  7. Make your reader accept your viewpoint and believe in what you claim.


In the introductory paragraph, provide an explanation of the subject and what makes it controversial. Make sure that the introduction ends with a strong and clear thesis statement.

Pay attention to the following tips if you want to provide a successful introduction:

  • The title should demonstrate what point of view you have regarding the issue. The title may sometimes be a question.
  • Bear in mind who your target audience is. Actually, the aspects you examine or discuss should be of interest to your target readers. What claims or arguments would be most convincing to them?
  • Look through the intro and conclusion chart provided above to make sure you take a creative approach towards writing.
  • Make sure you provide a strong and clear thesis statement answering your central research question. Your position on the topic should be clear from the thesis.

Body Paragraphs

When developing body paragraphs, make sure to explain reasons why your point of view on the topic should be accepted. At the beginning of each body paragraph, you should provide strong and clear topic sentences. Also make sure to refute objective viewpoints in the paragraphs.

  1. Reasons and supporting evidence
    • Provide at least three reasons why your viewpoint in the topic should be accepted. These reasons should be indicated in the topic sentences.
    • Provide supporting evidence and examples for each of the topic sentences. Make sure the examples are taken from credible sources.
  2. Provide objections and opposing points
    • What kind of objections may your target audience have? Make sure to forecast them and answer when refuting arguments. React to the objections with ample argumentation and supporting evidence.


In the conclusion make your final point that will persuade your audience and emphasize once again on the most important aspects of the discussion. It should be clear why your standpoint is worth accepting.

Key Strategies of Argumentation

The main types of argumentation are Classical, Rogerian and Toulmin. You can choose of them and adhere to its principles throughout the paper or make a combination of them all and introduce into the argument paper.

Classical Argument Strategy

This is a perfect strategy when the topic of discussion is not known or slightly known to the audience. As such, you will have all chances of convincing your audience in your standpoint. Just make the audience aware of the main peculiarities of the topic and core argumentation. The basic outline should be organized as follows:

  • Introduction: introduces the subject and provides background information required for general understanding, hooks readers' interest, makes the author of the composition sound trustworthy.
  • Narration: provides context of the issue/ problem and defines it.
  • Partition: provides a strong thesis statement.
  • Argument: provides arguments in support of the thesis statement.
  • Refutation: demonstrates why counterarguments are not reliable or valid.
  • Conclusion: provides a summary of ideas.

Rogerian Strategy

In this strategy, you need to find compromise before aiming to persuade your audience to accept your position. When people taking part in the debates have strongly opposing positions, then this argument strategy is the best one.

As an author, you need to be reasonable in presenting your arguments and findings. Besides, you need to provide solid ground for the argumentation. Your position should look like as if you are willing to change if needed. Finally, the argument should be directed towards finding a compromise.

Toulmin Strategy

When the debate is hot, this strategy may be used for presenting arguments. This strategy appeals merely to logic and ratio. Therefore, the argument is rather limited in the end.

As such, it is significant to provide supporting credible data and statistics to make the claims trustworthy.

Argumentative Essay

The argument essay can be characterized as a type of writing that assists students in the thorough written examination of a particular topic. In the argumentative essay, the writer gathers and develops arguments to create a well-defined case on the given topic by using a brief writing style. This writing style is referred to as the argument essay, argumentative essay and argumentative essay interchangeably. Some also refer to the argumentation essay as a persuasive argument essay since its purpose is to persuade the audience of something.

The persuasive argument essay, or argumentation essay, tends to call for a lot of research that is based on a literature review or previously published research. Any argument essay topic demands in-depth research to be conducted prior to writing. All research must be referenced and cited within the paper. Argumentative essay writing also calls for experimental research wherein the writer collects data through observation, interview, experiments and surveys, regardless of what the argument essay topic is. This helps students attain in-depth knowledge about the many different areas of research that are available for investigation. All argumentative essay writing should have a clear and concise thesis statement. It should also establish solid reasoning in relation to the topic.

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Effective Guidelines

When students lack the skills to write a good argument essay themselves, they often seek a specialist's custom essay assistance so that they can understand the topic and prepare reliable and valid arguments. When they choose to buy a custom essay online from EssaysCreator.com for a cheap price, they are assured that the following parameters are met:

  • Clear and Concise Thesis Statement

In the well-written argument essay, a clear, well-defined thesis statement should be developed. This is usually exemplified in the first paragraph. It is important that said thesis statement accurately follows the institution's guidelines. The thesis should be stated and followed in a well-organized way. Students that buy their work online from EssaysCreator.com for a cheap price receive writing that fits perfectly within these parameters;

  • Smooth Transition between Paragraphs

The transitions between the paragraphs in the introduction, body, and conclusion should go smoothly without breaks so that the reader will not hesitate before reading further. There should be a logical sequence of thought, and the last sentence of a paragraph should be a sort of introduction to the first sentence of the next;

  • Discussion with Substantiation

An argumentative essay is required to deal with one general concept that is empirically substantiated, preferably with peer-reviewed articles from empirical publications, such as journals, books and university-sanctioned papers;

  • Illustration of Strong Conclusion

The best argumentative essay conclusion should not restate the thesis statement, but instead, readdress the paper's arguments using empirical evidence to substantiate it in a logical way.

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