Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a great option provided by our company for an additional 15% payment to the total order price. It allows clients to monitor how the assigned writer copes with the paper ordered. This option is available if you order a long paper (a 10+ page single-spaced paper or a 20+ page double-spaced paper). 

The main benefits of this service are the following:

  1. A personal manager will guide you through the process of paper writing. He/ she will help you with any questions you have regarding the service and will help you get in touch as well as communicate with the assigned writer when needed. 
  2. Your composition will be handed by the most experienced writers and editors.
  3. You will get your paper in parts (drafts, sections or subsections – depending on their length).
  4. You will be granted 30 days for free revision requests (instead of the usual 48 hours).
  5. You will be able to monitor how well the writer copes with your paper. 

The procedure of receiving drafts:

  1. If the order urgency is indicated to be four days and less, then you will get one draft comprising of 25% of the required paper length. It will be sent to you when 50% of the deadline is over. 
  2. If the customer has specified order urgency to be 5-11 days, then the writer will send the first draft comprising 25% of the total word count limit after 25% of the deadline expiration and the second draft comprising 50% after 50% of the deadline expiry.
  3. If the order urgency has been mentioned to be 12 days and more, than three drafts will be sent to the customer: the first one comprising 25% of the total word count limit will be sent after 25% of the deadline expires; the second one comprising of 50% of the word count limit after 50% of the deadline expires; and the third one comprising of 75% of the word count limit after 75% of the deadline ends.

*There is also an option of adjusting the deadlines of progressive delivery, in particular when the customer has specific reasons to do it or when the paper description requires some other specifications. Each individual case will be handled by the personal manager.


Summary is another additional service that is provided to customers when they want to receive a brief account of the whole paper within 300 words (=one page). This service is especially advisable and beneficial to those who will have a presentation or a discussion on the researched topic. 


When you order a paper draft for a single-spaced paper, you will receive a 600-word draft, and when you order a draft for a double-spaced paper, you will receive 300 words. The draft is sent after 50% of the deadline expires. 

Extended Revision

The option of extended revision provides customers 14 days to be able to send revision requests to the writers. In comparison to the usual 48-hour free revisions, this option is definitely better.

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