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Definitions is defined here as the website with the mentioned name and the content/information/data contained on it or delivered through the website.

Customer is anyone, who decides to access and make a purchase through, as well as use any information, products, or services that are offered through the website.

Product is everything that is either contained on the website or can be accessed/ purchased/ delivered through it, including all written content that is supplied via (essays, research papers. courseworks, etc.)

General terms of agreement

The customer assumes responsibility for reading and understanding the meaning of this agreement, as well as the terms and conditions stipulated here. The customer also understands that, whenever he/she accesses and uses, purchases the products and services through the website, or accesses the data and content presented on he/she must comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. The customer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, as well as any other policies, rules, and guidelines that can are posted on or can be posted anytime in the future. The customer is responsible for learning about the changes in the guidelines, policies, and rules that are posted on the website beyond these terms and conditions.


All products and services that are ordered through or purchased through the same website are intended for non-commercial use only. They should be used solely as an example. In no case the customer is allowed to submit the product purchased through as his/her own. The customer can use any parts or elements of the written product, but only when properly cited and referenced. All products and services are provided by for non-commercial use only. does not promote plagiarism in any form, and the customer is fully responsible for any consequences that may follow his/her violations of these rules.

The customer is solely responsible for using the products and services ordered through legally and appropriately. All our products are copyright and trademark protected. possesses the ownership rights over the content purchased by the customer through its website, and any violations of the conditions of use are also a violation of the intellectual property and copyright laws.


The customer will defend the name of to keep it harmless in case of any legal or related action that follows the customer's decision to use the products and services of The customer is solely responsible for paying out any attorney and court fees, as well as other judgments, costs, and payment decisions that follow such actions. In case the customer violates the terms and conditions of the present agreement, as well as any other rules, policies and guidelines posted on its website, the customer becomes solely responsible for any consequences that follow.

Right of Termination has the right to terminate an order at its discretion. In these cases, will notify the customer, and the order will be refunded in full. also has the right to deny the provision of products and services to any customer, who violates the terms and conditions of the present agreement or does not comply with the guidelines, rules, and policies that are posted on the website.

Revisions and Refunds

The customer must provide all requirements and instructions at the time, when the order is being placed. The company is responsible for delivering a product that is fully compliant with the original requirements and instructions submitted by the customer. If the final product deviates from the original instructions, will revise or re-write it. The customer must notify of any such case within the first 48 hours after the paper is finished and delivered to the customer. After the specified period, the sale will be finalized. The customer is not allowed to incorporate any changes into the original instructions, after the paper is completed. Any such revisions will be completed, only after additional payment is provided.

Communication between the Customer and

The customer must provide valid contact details, including email address. will use this email address to communicate with the customer. All individual communication takes place through email.

All general notifications, changes in policies, guidelines, and rules, and similar notifications are to be posted on the website, and the customer must check the website periodically for any updates.


Our company strongly discourages our customers from requesting a chargeback. In the event that they do, we contact them by phone, email, and through our messaging system to ask them to cancel it. Customers are entitled to a full refund if our Quality Control department determines that their order failed to meet all of our quality standards. If the chargeback request has been made, the customer must contact their bank to halt it. Once this has been accomplished and confirmed, our company will start the process of refunding the customer his/her money. If the customer does not respond to the company's first attempts to contact him/her within 2 days, the customer may only receive a maximum of 50% of his/her refund. If the customer refuses to answer the second attempt, a refund is no longer an option. Instead, the company will refuse to work with the customer ever again. In addition, all of the paper writing services will be notified of the customer's actions, most likely resulting in the customer being banned from receiving services from them as well.

Order Cancellation

There can be situations when the customer placed an order, paid for it and for some reason needs to annul it; there is no need to worry if this happens, since there is a way to fix this. An order can be canceled and the money can be refunded if the writer was not yet assigned and has not started working on the order. The customer has to fill in an order cancellation form within 20% of time provided to complete the order or within a timeframe not exceeding 14 days limit. The customer can return the full amount paid for the order in case the order cancellation form was filled within 4 days.

If the order that the customer wants to cancel was assigned to a writer who has already started working on it, only partial refund can be received in such a case. In this case, the refund is calculated proportionately to the time left until the set deadline for assignment completion; the reimbursed sum cannot be more than 75% of the total price paid for the assignment completion.

Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions stipulated in this document, as well as any policies, rules, and guidelines that are posted on the website make up the final agreement between and the customer.

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