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Definitions is defined here as the website with the mentioned name and the content/information/data contained on it or delivered through the website.

Customer is anyone, who decides to access and make a purchase through, as well as use any information, products, or services that are offered through the website.

Product is everything that is either contained on the website or can be accessed/ purchased/ delivered through it, including all written content that is supplied via (essays, research papers. courseworks, etc.)

Applying for a Refund

  • All tips are non-refundable. 
  • The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only.
  • Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Requesting Revision

    1. A client is entitled to a free revision of the paper within 48 hours (2 days) after the deadline for the order has expired. Revisions asked after this period should be compensated. In case the writer agrees to make revision of the paper with no additional payment, no refund can be further issued.
    2. The period of free revisions lasts 30 days after deadline expiration in case of the order for more than 20 pages.
    3. The paper will not be revised free of charge if a client changes the initial instructions. If a client provides essential order-related information after the paper has been completed or is in the course of being written, the client will have to place an order to compensate the efforts of a writer.
    4. In case a client requests a revision, he/she should set a deadline for this task to be completed, as well as provide detailed instructions as to what should be improved. However, occasionally, the process of revision might require up to 24 hours to revise the paper due to the complexity of the assignment or difficulties with the reassignment of the order to another writer. Yet, the company guarantees to do everything possible to fulfill the revision request on time.
    5. A client may opt for a special service called "Extended Revision". The option costs 30% of the order price and allows to request free revisions for 14 days instead of the usual 48 hours (2 days). The revision requirements still should be in line with the original instructions. In case the service proves to be unnecessary, the fee, which was paid for it, cannot be reimbursed.
    6. The tips, which a client provides to a writer, cannot be refunded. These are the company's services only, namely customer writing, proofreading, editing, formatting, rewriting, that are refundable. Moreover, tips may not serve as a substitution of additional or compensation orders.
    7. A client bears responsibility for providing all the important details of the order and the required materials when placing an order or, at least, upon writer's request. Therefore, clients should check their email inbox and profile for messages from a writer or customer support team.

Full Refund

  1. A client is entitled to a full refund, i.e., 100% of order price, if he/she placed an identical/duplicate order by accident or was charged twice. In such cases, the client should contact customer support team without delay and cancel the order placed.
  2. A client will receive a full refund, i.e., 100% of order price, if a writer for the order was not found.
  3. If a full refund was issued to a customer, he/she cannot use any materials provided by the company for any purposes.

Partial Refund

  1. A customer may apply for a partial refund in case he/she placed an order for an incorrect number of pages. Taking into account the word count requirement, the company will refund a part of a price.
  2. If a client failed to indicate an appropriate level of writing when placing an order, the percentage of refund may be reduced by Refund Department.
  3. If a client provides instructions/comments that are contradicting, e.g., information in the files attached and the "Order Description" field contradict each other, the percentage of refund may be reduced by Refund Department.
  4. In case a client decides to cancel the order that already has a writer assigned, the refund depends on the deadline:

Percentage of Deadline That Passed

Refund Percentage













NOTE: The cancellation is not possible if a writer was assigned to the order and only 30% of the initial deadline is left. Similarly, the cancelation is not possible if a writer has already provided a completed paper.

Late Order Verification

To avoid online frauds, a representative of Financial Department asks clients questions to verify their identity. In case of late verification, the order deadline starts after the necessary information is provided by the customer and obtained by the company. A client ought to place additional order to compensate the urgent work of a writer or extend deadline.

Problems Related to Word Count

  1. The number of pages is counted not visually but based on the number of words where 1 page is 300 words. Nevertheless, if a client orders a technical order with calculations predominantly, this rule is not applicable. In such cases, representatives of Writing Department determine the price of the order based on the complexity of the task.
  2. If a client needs a PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes, this service should be chosen while fulfilling the order and additionally paid for. The service implies that a writer will provide speaker notes of 100-150 words in a field under each slide.
  3. The price for online tests tasks, as well as multiple-choice questions, is calculated based on the number of questions where 1 page is 5 questions. Thus, if the instructions require answering 15 questions, a client must place an order for 3 pages.

Deadline/Urgency of an Order

  1. If a customer wants to receive a paper earlier, i.e., before the expiration of the initially set deadline, a compensation order must be placed. In such cases, the representatives of Customer Support Team recalculate the price of the order and ask the client to place an additional order. If a writer agrees to provide the paper earlier with no additional payment, no refund can be further issued.
  2. If it happens so that the paper is provided late without a client's permission to do so, a client is entitled to a partial refund. The payment will be reconsidered according to the pricing policy, which can be found on the website.

Order Type

  • A client is responsible for selecting an appropriate order type when placing an order. A refund may not be issued if the client chooses a wrong type, e.g., "Research Paper" instead of "Multiple Choice Question" and the company did not receive a corresponding payment for the necessary services.
  • If a client chooses "Rewriting" as an order type, a writer will paraphrase the text provided. In case the client is willing to obtain the services of additional research, replacement of sources, and addition of new passages/sections, which is close to writing from scratch, a compensation order is needed.
  • Clients are encouraged to check their email inbox and personal profiles for messages from writers or Customer Support Team representatives. Timely responses to a writer's request are highly recommended, in particular, when a client needs to have his/her topic approved.
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