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Our Conditions and Policies

We are extremely grateful for your interest in our company and the services that we provide. We are doing our best to make your experience of cooperating with us comfortable and pleasant. That is why; first of all, we ensure privacy and protect your personal data. Our company constantly updates its security system and takes all possible measures to prevent the misusage or loss of clients' data. If you have some doubts regarding the security and confidentiality, read the information below in order to have them dispelled.

In the process of cooperating with clients, we collect the data about our website visitors and clients. The information that is stored concerns:

    • The type of a browser;
    • Time of accessing the website;
    • Operating system on your device.

This information does not allow to reveal your identity. It is applied only for the purpose of optimizing the and customizing the website as well as the improving the content layout. No information gathered in such a way is sold, disclosed, or shared with the third parties.


Our website uses "cookies" with the aim to make its navigation easy and user-friendly. Furthermore, they are applied to keep track of statistical data such as a number of visits, the frequency of attendance, time of visits, etc.

Personal Data

Client willing to use the service may have to indicate:

  • Name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address.

This information is to be provided in the process of registering on the website. The contact information will be used only in case clarification is needed from a client (e.g., when instructions were erroneously not attached; the instructions are contradictive; a topic required client's approval, etc.). Usually, such clarification is vital for the task completion; therefore, we highly recommend to indicate valid and accurate contact information if you want to receive the paper of high quality. No clients' personal and contact information is sold, disclosed, or shared with the third parties.

Online Transactions

To pay for our services, you will use one of the most secure and reliable payment systems. They are reputable and protected meaning that no billing information will be revealed to the third parties. Still, mind that the representatives of our Financial Department may contact you for identity verification, which is done to avoid online frauds.

Rights of Clients

Each client may delete, replace, or edit the information in own personal profile. If such changes are necessary, a client should contact Customer Support representatives.

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