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Students will often agonize over the decision to use a custom research paper service to produce some or all of their research paper writing assignments. Admittedly, there are some concerns, and we would like to address these first.

Among the reasons for student hesitation are as follows:

  • Students worry that they will not get what they pay for. They can find all sorts of the online custom essay and paper writing companies, but they may be fraudulent and simply take payment without any delivery. It is difficult to protest, because the company may close its doors quickly and open a new website with a different name.
  • Students worry about plagiarism. Particularly if the company is offering a cheap research paper writing price, the suspicions should be aroused. If a student is to get original research and writing from a professional writer, then the price should be comparable.
  • Students worry about confidentiality. They do not want their personal information "out there" and certainly do not want anyone else to know that they have used an academic research papers writing company.
  • Students worry about writing quality. The cannot be certain that a qualified writer will produce their ordered high school or college research paper, and if the writing, citations, and such are bad, their grade will be equally as bad.
  • They worry that to buy research paper writing is a form of academic dishonesty

Among the reasons students choose to buy written research papers from a writing service are:

  • They do not have the time to produce one themselves. Their grades will be lowered for late or missing work
  • They lack the research and writing skills necessary to compete with their peers at this level
  • The topic is of little-to-no interest and is not in their major field of study
  • They have far more pressing demands on their time, and they have to set priorities
  • They hate to write!

Certainly, it is ideal for students to research and write their own papers. In a perfect world and under perfect circumstances, they should be able to do this and satisfy their instructors. In an imperfect world and under imperfect circumstances, however, this cannot always happen. When students need to buy research paper works online, then, they must carefully select a company with a good reputation. "Googling" the company name will probably bring up customer comments and company history, so this is a good place to start. When accessing a company website, look for obvious clues:

  • Is the site content well written?
  • Are there guarantees about delivery, no plagiarism, and are there samples to look at so you can determine quality?
  • Are there several ways to contact personnel - phone, email, live chat?
  • Do you get a personal writer and can you converse with that writer?
  • Is there an up-front pricing quote that is final?
  • Can you ask for changes if you don't like the delivered piece?
  • How long has the essay service been in business?

If you are careful, you can get an excellent custom research paper writing service!

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