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Students who are charged with writing a good essay, and who are clearly feeling incapable of meeting their instructor's expectations, will often go online to find sources for cheap essays that they can use on a specific topic. This is an extremely unsatisfactory solution to the problem, not to mention the fact that it is horribly risky. Even if an essay is taken from an online source and "spun", it can still be detected by the sophisticated plagiarism software that is available to all institutions today. Students who rely on free or cheap price essays and papers are setting themselves up for serious consequences!

The other solution to the question, "Who will help me write my essay", is a custom online essay service that will prepare original writing and research, exactly as the student has ordered it. Yes, you will pay a fee for this, but, as well, you will get a perfectly written essay or paper that will be designed and composed exactly as your instructor or professor has assigned! Which do you think is the better choice?

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How a Professional Essay Service Should Operate

A student should be able to place an order to write essay paper assignments in confidence. This means the following:

  1. She/he should be able to delineate every detail of an assignment and to expect that it will be produced just that way.
  2. There should be a huge group of academic writers so that there will be one qualified to write term paper works on any topic.
  3. The student should expect that his/her writer will create only unique and original writing every time!
  4. The student should expect that any writing produced by him/her will never be sold to another.
  5. The student should expect confidentiality at all times. Using a writing service is a personal matter that must remain personal.
  6. The student should expect to receive the ordered writing on time.
  7. The student should expect to be able to contact his/her writer at any time.

If this sounds like an ideal writing essay service, it is. And if this does not sound like the cheap essay services you may have used in the past, you right. When you buy essay writing for too cheap a price, you will not get any of the qualities listed above that ensure you will receive a high mark. You will, in essence, be playing "Russian Roulette" with your reputation and with your grades!

Saying, "Help me write my paper", to an affordable but high-quality essay service means you get all of the above benefits, and you should expect no less from any other writing company.

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Where We Get Our Writers

We cannot brag enough about our absolutely superb staff of researchers, writers and editors.To give you an idea of the employment process, we can list for you the application and screening process.

  • We actively recruit continuously.
  • When we have an application, it must contain transcripts and degrees awarded.
  • All writers must pass a difficult examination in English grammar and composition.
  • All writers must then produce an original research work on a topic of our selection.

When we finally accept a writer to provide paper and essay help to our clients, we know we have employed top quality and that only the best essays and papers will be produced each and every time!

Our writers come from a variety of academic and career fields, because of the variety of needs our clients have. Many are retired teachers and professors; others come from career writing fields in journalism and commercial writing. Each one of them has unique talents and skills to "bring to the table", and they are given writing assignments that are carefully matched to those talents and skills.