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Pitney Bowes is a mail and document management company located in Stamford, Connecticut, serving over two million of clients in all over the world. Its diverse specialization and operation at the international levels required the company manager to implement an effective policy by means of which the company will be able to provide new opportunities for personal growth (Porter and Baron). In order to sustain a respectable image at the international level, the company has decided to introduce employer health strategy for improving productivity and performance at the company. The problem was that dispersed workers had a limited access to primary care as compared to the corporate staff, causing higher costs on emergency rooms. In the majority of cases, the most common disorders happened to Pitney Bowes workers included diabetes, asthma, hypertension, anxiety disorders; there were also problems with artery disease, which led to such illnesses as depression, osteoarthritis and even heart failure. In order to eliminate the problem, the company’s managers have decided to introduce new health benefits for the employees which were added to their salaries and were not imposed by taxes. The CEO of the company realized the fact that employees stand at the core of the company’s success and, therefore, their health and welfare should be prioritized. As a result, employer-based health insurance accepted in 2008 was focused on employers who were the major source of health insurance in the country. The introduced programs focused on both physical and psychological training for employees. 

In general, it should be stressed that introducing healthcare programs for workers is the urgent necessity with regard to the current trend in enhancing the importance of an individual-centered analysis of company’s human capital. The latter is the key to company’s success and further sustainability. Therefore, each respectable company must be introduced the corresponding health risk assessment and risk reductions in the forms of surveys and test to define whether their company adheres to the generally accepted standards. In such a way, they will be able to estimate the level of profitability and performance within the organization.

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