Synopsis: Built to Bond

Adults are strongly attracted to infants via an intense force (Zeifman, 2013 p. 41). The infant's attraction reciprocates this attraction to the care provider. In this chapter, Zeifman (2013) appraises evidence that support the notion that both adults and children have coevolved and reciprocal features. These features guarantee the formation of emotional links between the adult and the infant. Further, they advance child’s survival and paternal reproductive health.


THC Management Services

The major advantages of working with the AMC are based on the opportunities for the poor layers of the population to be insured on the costs of governmental funds. More importantly, AMC is premised on Medicaid reforms and provides healthcare insurance for physicians and hospitals, as well as medication for the nation’s elderly.



Pitney Bowes is a mail and document management company located in Stamford, Connecticut, serving over two million of clients in all over the world. Its diverse specialization and operation at the international levels required the company manager to implement an effective policy by means of which the company will be able to provide new opportunities for personal growth.


Synopsis: The Practical Guide to Information Design

The first section of the chapter explains how a normal human being can recognize and comprehend information. It compares the capabilities of an eye with a camera. Human brain is so selective, it will only capture what it chooses.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross domestic product (GDP) can be described as the measure of a country’s economic activities in order to determine value of produced goods and services within a particular time period which in most cases is one year. In regards to this, GDP provides the monetary value of the total output of goods and services within the specified period.


Synopsis of Strategy Eight

Eighth strategy teaches us how to find something that we are not looking for. Usually before even starting studying some particular subject, our intelligence immediately applies specific emotions and biases to it.

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