Many people have criticized video games claiming that they have played a part in the increased violence and aggressiveness. Many people especially the parents continue to express their dissatisfaction to the administration because of not doing enough in terms of introducing laws that limit the usage of the games especially by little children. Most people focus on the negative effects of the games, and many of them continue to relate the increased criminal activities to gaming (McGonigal 2011). According to the statistics, around 90% of children in United States have access to the video games while in 70% of households, children play video games. The average age of people who play video games in the United States of America is 33 years meaning that both children and adults are interested in the games. The main dilemma in the issue of video gaming is whether the games are the ones to blame for the increased violence (McGonigal 2011). In my opinion, video games provide entertainment and other benefits such as exercise, education, and training to the gamers, and people who continuously link the games to violence come from an older generation who has not used games and consequently fails to understand them.


Firstly, some of the games in the market have the ability to make gamers develop the skills of tracking information of visual nature and process it leading to making quick decisions on difficult tasks. Up to 2000, many people in the United States had access to video games. Examples of the gaming systems at that period included Atari and PlayStation, which were complemented by the rapid development of computers (Wolf & Perron 2003). Young adults at that time had the opportunity to play games like Pong and BioShock Infinite which were released in 1973 and 2013 respectively. Players of Pong had to manipulate a wheel that moved the paddle. The game had simple graphics as compared to BioShock which had packs of action accompanied with a lot of pace.

There are other video games with similar traits that help people to improve their speed of processing and reacting to information. There is a category of games known as First Person Games which applied the characters on the play. The games focused on violence, and there were shooting scenes. The games portray the current state of events since many people of the modern generation play games of such genres; as a result, the gamers develop skills that had not been anticipated. According to the requirements of the games, the gamers need to develop their information processing skills so that they can make a quick decision (McGonigal 2011). Therefore, the gamers can apply the skills they learn in real life situations enabling them to perform complex tasks in a very short time.

Most parents criticize some of the games most yet they provide the better benefits to the gamers. Some of the games like Half-Life and God of War have come under criticisms because of too much violence portrayed by them. However, the benefits of the games cannot be ignored. A research done by Daphne Bavelier and other researchers have shown that playing games involving a fast pace gives a gamer the ability to make a track of many information pieces at the same time so that the reaction time is less (Wolf & Perron 2003). The researcher proved the hypothesis by applying laboratory tests. As a result, people who play such games do not struggle when it comes to facing complex tasks and other situations that might require an overload of information. This keeps the players on their toes by tracking various perspectives of the games. Some of the games require the players to be aware of their friends and enemies. In terms of the perspectives of the friends and enemies, the players have to know the objectives of the parties, their next movements, and the possible obstacles (McGonigal 2011). If the person is playing with the computer, then the player must ensure that he/she effectively communicates with the allies in the computer. If the player is playing with other people, then he/she must know how to physically communicate with the allies.

The typical human brain does not have the capability of processing a lot of complex information at the same time. If an ordinary person starts playing video games, his/her brain starts developing such capabilities due to the adaptation to the complex situations. Bavelier stated that the brain undergoes a process of physical changes so that it can process all the information required in the games (Wolf & Perron 2003). As a result, a person used to playing such games has the ability to accurately and quickly make the appropriate decisions as compared to a person who does not play video games. The researcher also stated that a person only needs 10 hours in two weeks to have the brain adapt to performing at a fast speed for a period of six months. Therefore, the research means that it is possible for workers involved in complex simultaneous activities to gain more speed in their operations by dedicating some of their time to playing such games (Wolf & Perron 2003). People can also apply the gaming experience in real life situations such as driving, because when a person is driving, it is important to be aware of the surroundings and make quick decisions in case a need arises. Therefore, for easy navigation in the complex world, it is good for a person to have some experience of video gaming.

Gamers have also been found to gain more focus and attention due to their experience during gaming, and their attention is usually sharper than that of the people who do not play video games. Furthermore, gamers have the ability to quickly resolve conflicts that are of visual nature due to the increased capabilities (McGonigal 2011). However, some people argue against this assertion citing the report by Centers of Disease Control (CDC) which showed an increase in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which coincided with rise in gaming. Many people argue that the result of the increase in prevalence of the disorder is due to many children being exposed to video games. Many parents argue that because of the excessive interest in the games, their children usually do not concentrate on important matters in their life such as education. However, research has shown that the minds of the children are similar to the minds of the adults who play the games and children have the capability to perform in environments that require different kinds of attention (Wolf & Perron 2003). Therefore, the children can easily concentrate on education and other parts of their life just as they concentrate on gaming. The multitasking ability is possible due to the games of the current generations and they significantly help the children to adapt in simultaneous difficult situations. Therefore, it would be conclusive to say that gaming helps children grow and develop faster as compared to children of the past who did not have an opportunity to play video games.

There is another aspect of video gaming that may help children improve their learning in environments that require multitasking. Such aspects include the fact that games act as a motivation and educational platform for children. Games often have stages, and a gamer must accomplish a certain level of achievement in one stage so as to proceed to the next stage. The consequences of a gamer not following the requirements are that he will not proceed to the next desired level meaning that the gamer will be motivated to ensure the transition to the next level. In the process, the children are able to learn to complete a single task to the satisfactory level in order to achieve the reward of proceeding to higher levels. Most games are designed to increase the level of difficulty and have better associated rewards. A person yearning for education needs to have such kind of mentality, because education has certain levels, with each next level becoming more difficult (McGonigal 2011). However, as the education levels advance, the rewards increase in terms of possible salaries and jobs. Therefore, a child or a student with the gaming experience will have an easy time in the curriculum, because he/she knows what is required, the consequences of failing, and the rewards of achieving in the higher levels.

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Video games can also be applied in education meaning that they can directly improve the functioning of the human brain. The games have become the part of our life, and it would be difficult to undermine their influence on our thinking and ways of life. Many people have undertaken researches to prove that the video games have a negative influence on the way of thinking of people especially when it comes to the games with the violence aspect. Christopher J. Ferguson analyzed 12 studies and found out that the researches that criticized video games were inconsistent in nature. The researcher claimed that many of the studies carried out came to conclusion that had no support of their evidence meaning that the studies could not prove a direct link between the video games and any form of violence. The researcher also stated that the effects of the games might make the gamers become a bit insensitive, but this lasts only for a short time (McGonigal 2011). Moreover, the effects have no impact at all on the increase in violence or aggressive behaviors. The studies also proved that people become insensitive only for a very short time, and this does not have a long-lasting impact on the behavior of the gamer.

Because the video games have become a part of our living and have proven to be beneficial, it is important that the society concentrates on ensuring that the games continue to influence people in the positive way and also ensure that the negative effects are avoided. The games can be positively used to improve people’s skills that they can be applied in the modern world; therefore, they can be a very important tool of development for people. There are a few negative impacts of video games such as taking a lot of time of the gamers who are not disciplined, but this aspect can be easily corrected. Many gamers can get obsessed with video games to the extent of using all their time playing the games instead of doing other important things such as working or studying. Therefore, parents need to ensure that they control their children by regulating their gaming time, but they should not entirely condemn the games. Parents should therefore take responsibility to ensure that their children use the games constructively. Video gaming can also help adult gamers when it comes to applying their skills learned from the games to their daily businesses (McGonigal 2011). Businesses have become complex, and most of them require multitasking, and the multitasking skills learnt from the games can be very important when applied in business activities. Therefore, video gaming can be used as a tool to improve how businesses are conducted.

In conclusion, the people who continue to condemn video games belong to an older generation that does not appreciate their importance. The people have blamed the lack of social interaction on video games, but the fact is that the decrease in social interaction has been caused by the change in dimensions of life. Life has become complicated due to the increased complexity; people are required to work extra hard to maintain their lifestyle thus becoming more focused on their jobs and reducing their social interactions. The people who continue to criticize video games also do that because they have not experienced the benefits of the games. The games have proven to be beneficial to people who are learning, are in business, or have high demanding jobs (McGonigal 2011). Therefore, the people criticizing video games belong to an older generation where they did not use such games to encourage their minds to process information faster leading to slow reactions to information and surroundings. The people who do not appreciate video games need to observe how the world has changed and how there has been increased demand for quick response and adaptation to frequently changing situations. If the games can be used to improve the performance of people, then they should be accommodated and appreciated in the society.

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