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Nowadays society dictates certain standards and beliefs that people have to follow either consciously or not. Our thoughts, attitudes are constantly shaped and controlled via media and other sources of information available in modern world. What is even more, the whole awareness and perception of modern world and its events can easily be modified in such terms. Many wonder how it can happen and the answer is in conventional wisdom. This is usually certain widely shared assumption, mass belief in particular issues that often turn out to be wrong.

One of such widespread pieces of conventional wisdom is that women should not work. This stereotype has been widely developed in American society since the early 1960s, when there was no possibility of gender equality and the woman was perceived only as a fulfilled loving mother and wife and there was no other option including successful career. Over the further 30 years there was an attempt to equalize gender roles in American society that included a social revolutionary transformation of American awareness and stereotypes. And this attempt was mainly successful as it led to a significant change of the attitude to working women and they were no longer perceived as only housewives.

Such a an example of a conventional wisdom can be explained due to the fact that it is a social phenomena that derives because of the free circulation of information and dissemination of its media system allows each particular individual form their own opinions about the events taking place in society, as well as focus on the actual and potential adherents, find an opinion which they consider to be satisfactory.

It includes a set of estimates and judgments handed down by different social groups and layers on the events of public life, activity and behavior of individuals, organizations and parties, pressing social, political and cultural problems. Thus conventional wisdom concerning the role of women in society is expressed in mass approval or condemnation of certain actions and deeds. The larger percentage of the population in America having their own views, active lifestyle, citizenship, the stronger and more effective public opinion.

America is a developed society that has the appropriate institutional structures, functioning as institutionalized channels of expression of public opinion. These channels include the election authorities, the separation of powers, civil liberties guaranteed by the presence, in particular, freedom of suffrage, freedom of speech, press, assembly, conscience, mass participation in the legislative process through referendums, media activities, etc.

Conventional wisdom is the state of being of the mass consciousness that is conceptual and not always progressive. Mass consciousness - is a complex multi-level nature of education, which secretes the level of ideology and the level of ordinary consciousness, and where there are deep-rooted class, group, ethnic prejudice , and habitual thought patterns. On the everyday consciousness of people is influenced by a variety of rumors, misunderstandings and miscommunication. Due to all these factors, public opinion is far from unambiguous content. Especially it is rapidly changing and becoming diverse and pluralistic in times of social change. People receive unlimited access to information, for many years was under the official ban, was published many books on the outlet which previously could not even think, changed to the opposite direction of the official ideological pressure. Moreover, state of public opinion in contemporary American society is eloquently characterized by the fact that 50 % of respondents in the majority of questionnaires favor gender equality and successful combination of career and family life for an average American woman.

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