Speech Critique and Self-Evaluation Essay

Best speech introductions are ones that help the speaker to draw attention of the audience to his/her presentation quickly. In addition, they have to introduce the topic to the audience, and build rapport with the audience (Cipolla 3). My speech clearly introduced the topic from the onset, and as such grabbed attention of the audience. Although I am not so sure if I did enough to create rapport with my audience, I consider the speech well introduced.


Credibility of a speech is evaluated by considering, among others, the credibility and relevance of the sources that a speaker refers to during his/her speech (Cipolla 24). During my demonstration speech, I cited two references as sources of my information, enhancing the credibility of my presentation.

Prior to the presentation, I previewed my points, particularly focusing on the content in order to avoid redundancy and repetition. I had to make sure that my speech was not repetitive, as this would be boring for the hearers. I found this effective as I kept my audience alert throughout the performance. I felt nervous before and immediately at the beginning of my presentation. As I continued, instantly after the introduction, I felt less nervous, especially when I noticed that the hearers were getting attentive to my presentation. I was much more confident at the end of it. The fact that this would be my first assessed performance made me nervous.

I know communication apprehension can affect ones self-esteem, social skills, and communication coherence during the speech presentation (Verderber et al. 15). I, however, believe that it only affected the coherence of my speech to a limited extent. Before the presentation, I did mock it in my room, and then rehearsed in front of a few classmates, which would later help me to cope with anxiety during the speech.

I believe the demonstration aspect of my presentation was most striking. As I explained my points, I made sure I showed important aspects of my speech. I could discern that the audience were keen as I demonstrated the right way to wear a scarf. Although it appeared simple, I believe this was a unique and relevant topic, which made my performance more successful.

Prior to the presentation, I brainstormed with classmates and researched on a suitable topic, and the best way of presenting it. I noticed that my audience would pay more attention to issues that directly affected them, such as fashion. Although this was a suitable and relevant topic to my audience, I realized that my content was not exhaustive enough, which required improvement. I would need to delve deeper into the subject and link it to the trending fashion. To improve the content of my speech, I may need to speak with relevant professionals of the fashion industry, and consult more sources in order to make my content more exhaustive.

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In order to improve my future presentation, I will start preparing the content early, so that I could avoid the last minute rush to develop an exhaustive content; I will consult experts in the field to get their views; I will seek views of peers on the topic; I will consult more academic sources, websites, and films among others to get up-to-date information on the topic to be presented.

As I conclude, if I could give myself a letter grade it would be B since I know there are areas of this speech presentation that require improvement. I know I was a little nervous as I introduced the topic, my content was less exhaustive, and my conclusion was relatively brief. I will improve everything above mentioned to get an A for my next presentation.


I commenced my presentation by exposing an existing problem of organ donation. The approach helped to grab the attention of my audience to my speech (Cipolla 3). However, I realized I did not engage my audience effectively towards the end of my introduction. Although I posed the question of the main issue, it appears as though this was not strong enough to command my audience to ponder on my subsequent contents.

In my speech, I presented certain figures and statistics to enhance the credibility of the presentation. On a second examination, however, I realized that I had not identified the sources of my statistics, invalidating the credibility of the information presented.

I previewed my points prior to the presentation, but I must say that I did this in a hurry. I have since identified a number of mistakes. I could have avoided them, if I had effectively previewed my points, especially on conflicting and repetitive information.

During, and immediately after your presentation, I felt nervous since I had not made enough preparations to be confident in front of the audience. During the performance, I realized that the statistics I was about to present was not consistent; I expected my audience to raise questions about the figures. Even after the presentation, I still felt nervous.

As I indicated earlier, the coherence of my statistics when I started my presentation contributed to my nervousness. I kept wondering how I would respond to my audience in case they noticed the shortcoming. This concern made me nervous.

In addition communication apprehension contributed to my speech skill deficiency (Verderber et al. 16). I believe this was a speech skill deficiency, since I failed to preview my points effectively in order to deliver a thoroughly researched speech. In the end, my audience did not fully benefit from my presentation, as the information I presented appeared not credible enough. I failed to employ enough strategies to cope with anxiety in my presentation. Although I rehearsed the speech, I did not involve any person in my rehearsal before the final presentation. I also overlooked the mistakes in the content.

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Although there were problems, some parts of my speech were still successful. For example, the choice of topic, the length, and the structure of the speech were a success. The topic of organ donation is a trending one, which made it relevant for the audience. My structure had the introduction, body, and conclusion, which is why I believe that my presentation was long enough for my audience. Prior to my presentation, I researched on a persuasive topic that could possibly appeal to my hearers. I found organ donation relevant as it affects most people in society today and this research contributed to my success.

Although there was success in some areas, the content of my speech was not good enough. The figures were not referenced, the statistics were non-coherent and conflicting, and certain information was repeated, making the presentation redundant and boring.

I have learned from this presentation and I plan to improve the areas of weakness in my next presentation. I will concentrate more on a thoroughly researched and well-referenced content. I will also try to avoid anxiety. The exact steps I will take to improve my next presentations include, working to make my content more exhaustive, precise, and well researched and avoiding anxiety by rehearsing my speech before the presentation.

Lastly, if I would give myself a letter grade it would be C since my content was not good enough, raising a number of concerns on the credibility of my presentation. I was also nervous during my speech, which weakened my performance.

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