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Progress is a versatile notion which despite the comfort and development brings new risks and challenges. Cyberbullying is the example for the harm made by information technology development. Cyberbullying is a form of intimidation and harassment of children and adolescents by using communication technologies (Slonje, & Smith, 2008).

To my mind, bullying as a whole is a harmful issue having dangerous consequences. As to cyberbullying, things are even worse. In terms of cyberbullying, every Internet user may know about the child being harassed and this increases the psychological trauma for the teenager since his personal information was announced almost to the whole world. In addition, the peculiarity of cyberbullying is that it can last with 24/7 availability and in any corner of the particular community or even anywhere in the world. Thus, due to the constant pressure to the child psyche, the inevitability of being harassed for such children often may result into self-injury, anger, depression and even may have a lethal outcome (Slonje, & Smith, 2008).

In addition, in my opinion, cyber bullies should be punished somehow. What is important is that the majority of them are of the school age (Slonje, & Smith, 2008); thus, it is wrong to bring them to jails and, thus, ruin their further lives. I think that community service and a penalty for bully’s parents is enough for the first time charges. However, in case the bullying continues, and the consequences are severe, the case may end in a court with a sentence. What is more, the severity of every punishment mentioned should take into account the consequences for the victim.

In conclusion, along with bullying, the cyber version of this issue may turn the life of the child or adolescent into unbearable. However, the cyberbullying has greater opportunities of abuse and, thus, is more dangerous comparing with conventional bullying. Therefore, the actions should be taken in order to eliminate this problem.

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