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Today the term "ethical issue" in business is used to determine not only some regulations, but many more actions.

The senior managers consider it as important part for the business success. The ethical issue in the business environment can occur when a person or organization has to make the decision that is ethical or not. In case of the Aker Accounting Company, there was an ethical issue that was raised among workers.

It should be Carla who has to take the decision whether it is right or wrong. Her boss, Jack, used the software of the company for his own purposes. She had found out it and faced the problem of choice. Carla had to decide whether to reveal the truth for the top manager about illegal operations of the boss or not.

There are two solutions for Carla with this particular problem.

Being honest with the principles of the company and divulge details about illegal actions of her boss to the senior manager was the one way out. In this case, for Carla there will be some consequences. Jack has been working for this company for seventeen years, so there is strong possibility that the top manager will not consider her words seriously. Besides, the relationships with Jack will be spoiled. In the worse scenario she will be forced to change the job. On the contrary, Jack could be dismissed from his position while Carla would get the promotion.

Another way out for Carla can be keeping the information in a secret.

However, if the company finds out about Jack actions, Jack and Carla will be both fired. In other case, unless the company knows that Carla was into illegal action, Jack can be fired and she will probably get the promotion. Both scenarios may happen with her, if Jack organizes his own company successfully.

It should be Jack to decide whether it is the right or wrong decision. He has to resolve to wait for promotion or to continue exploit the software of the company. There are also two solutions for Jack in this situation. He can continue using the company"s software, which will result into the formation of his own company. He will be able to pay extra bills and pay for education of the oldest son in the private university. However, if the manager finds out about his plans, the working relations with Jack will be determined or the salary will be cut off. Anyway, the trust between Jack and the company will be also undermined.

The other solution for Jack will be to continue work harder in order to deserve the promotion.

However, there is no clear evidence that he would get that promotion at all. Thus, he will be unable to pay for the education of his son in university, and will have problems with paying extra bills. Nevertheless, it could force him to come up with successful idea for the company and deserve promotion based on this idea, but not only on the seventeen years of experience in the company.

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