Gender Identity

Gender refers to an essential feature that defines the identity of a person. During my life, I have rarely felt that I have been treated in a particular manner due to my gender. The media also play an indispensable role in the manner in which people comprehend gender as a part of peoples identity, social bodies, past, and daily lives.


Introduction to Theology

I find the Mennonite theology to be more appealing as compared to the other types of theologies. One of its ideologies that I agree with is the baptism of a person when they are already of age, thus, at the time when they choose to confess they understand the significance and the relevance of their faith.


Black Studies

Why Black Studies, Black Women Studies and Black Queer Studies Should Be Separate Disciplines? There are several main disciplines that study different social groups, the types of discrimination, the current situation for this social group, and the perspectives of the further development in the field of human rights protection.

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