In times of the economic instability social movements become more common in countries all over the world. Socioeconomic inequality, controversial political decisions, and other issues are the usual reasons of social movements, a phenomenon that demonstrates the power of global society. Social movements are very important, because they can change a lot and make a positive difference.


Why Gender Equality Stalled

The description of gender equality has received many definitions and has been equally misunderstood. It is during the 50th anniversary of Belly Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique bestseller book that the issue of gender equality has been revisited.


Stereotypes In Our Society

Nowadays society dictates certain standards and beliefs that people have to follow either consciously or not. Our thoughts, attitudes are constantly shaped and controlled via media and other sources of information available in modern world.


The Gendered Division of Labor

Division of labor is a central part of any family that seeks to be “successful”. Chores in a household have to be shared between members of the household, regardless of their marital status.


The Millennial Generation

Nowadays, a young generation focuses on a particular kind of goals in studying to become successful in the nearest future. A contemporary society makes children reach for success since childhood as adults constantly establish accurate norms, which show who you are.


Elder Abuse

The abuse of the elderly people is one of the problematic issues encountered in society. The elder abuse includes the systematic and long misconduct towards the older people by the person, who takes care of a senior man or woman.

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