Zig Ziglar mentions the qualities of success that people need to acquire to become the top performers (Thompson, 2014). Such features include honesty, integrity, loyalty, open-mindedness, and love among others (Thompson, 2014). He continues to state that one of the most inspiring attitudes is the winning one (Thompson, 2014). Individuals need it various places such as school or work. Furthermore, communication is noted to be a significant tool to success as well. With regard to it, it is stated that success cannot be measured by whatever people have (Thompson, 2014). They always need to strive to achieve even more, and communication enables individuals to get the best if they use the appropriate words.


From the video, I have realized that there are significant steps to success which require much attention and consistent performance. First of all, it demands hard work. My father has always told me that the successful people never spend long hours sleeping. They wake up early and begin their daily activities. The passion for work is what drives people to victory. Doing the right thing at the right time is essential for every deed. Even though the behavior may not increase one’s salary, it is likely to produce significant outcomes. My father once said that the result of one’s work is what determines whether a person is successful or not meaning that we should struggle to maintain the best in every situation to achieve the highest aims in life.

At the same time, it has been highlighted that an individual’s lifestyle may ruin the path to success. For example, a bad company may lead to smoking which is not a virtue.

To sum up, adopting the mentioned above qualities is crucial to gaining success. Understanding ourselves better is vital as well. People need to ask whether they are suitable to produce meaningful outcomes in any given task. If the answer is yes, then, they should begin to create a self-image that determines their potential.

The Ability to Connect with People

Success is achieved through effective relations. Many people try to connect with others in a variety of different ways. However, they forget that the relations are easily established through communication.

Maxwell’s main idea expressed in the video is that one needs to communicate to become a genuinely useful leader (Maxwell, 2015). Everyday situations teach people to communicate. For instance, in the video, Maxwell (2015) encourages people to observe the manner in which good leaders connect with others. At the same time, he urges individuals to learn to communicate as it enables them to turn into successful persons (Maxwell, 2015).

The most difficult task is to know how to build relations. Some time ago, I found it difficult to connect with people. However, I have learned through magazines and articles that connecting is something that many people have to learn to do. Observing and listening to the manner in which the surrounding people connect should become a part of one’s life. I have read thousands of works that have taught me how to connect, and I have been implementing all the knowledge I have received through trial and error and have found that what I thought to be difficult is as simple as any other thing that I have the potential to do. As a result, I have made connections with many people. The social media have become my platform. Moreover, I have exercised and applied my concepts at school and during religious congregations. Today, I believe that I am excellent in communicating due to the information that I have learned from many sources.

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In conclusion, the video has served as the motivation to learn even more and extend the boundaries of my connections. I have realized that I could enhance my ability to establish relationships with people. Besides, implementing what one observes in real life is the most important part because it determines the ability to build relations. Obviously, people become genuine leaders through effective communication whose basis should be established before actually connecting with others. An ability to connect is, thus, an acquired skill that requires energy and goes beyond words because not all people build connections following the process of communication.


The Law of Explosive Growth by Maxwell requires leaders to develop the future leaders and states that it is one of their most essential tasks as it is clear that they have the potential to drive change in others (Maxwell, 2012a). They have to lead followers to add growth. Thus, it is notable that not all leaders are born but some of them are made. The capacity to prepare leaders depends on the amount of influence encompassed by the head (Maxwell, 2012a). From this video, I have learned that in order to develop leaders one needs to be able to attract followers.

The aspect of growth and development among leaders has made me reflect on time when my parents wanted me to become a religious leader and I almost surrendered. I remember one religious leader telling me that I would have to commit my time to attending training every week. After these words, I evaluated my chances of successful balancing of my school work and the religious studies and realized that I would lack sufficient time to be good at both fields. Today, I regret objecting the offer that is no longer available. Connecting this incidence with the Maxwell’s theory, I understand that one should learn or be trained to become a follower, and later, he/she needs a lot of commitment and devotion to turn into an effective leader. In other words, all those who are trained to become leaders become followers before they proceed to the next stage.

To summarize, the video has brought the understanding that not all leaders are born. People need to grow by enhancing their leadership skills, and the newly formed leaders should be prepared to become followers at first. Moreover, for leaders to be strong, they should be willing to develop leaders around them. By doing so, they will implement the theory of growth as reflected in the course.


Zig Ziglar’s message that attitude makes all the difference is inspiring. To make it clear for the audience, he uses the example of the lady who is unhappy with her work; however, she develops a positive attitude to it through his encouraging words. She notices that everything she does is not right (Ziglar, 2008). Ziglar understands that she is the cause of her problems and gives her a test. She has to list the things which she likes and begins to say that she loves them (Ziglar, 2008). The test is simple but as it makes the lady change her attitude to work. Having considered this situation, I have learned that the difference begins with the individual.

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The concept of the difference is achieved when the attitude towards something is changed. To illustrate, I remember time when I was about to fail in my exams. Throughout the course, I lacked sufficient time to study because my family was undergoing difficult moments. I found it hard to concentrate on my studies and decided that I would read my notes during the exam period. Luckily, I passed my midterm exams after studying for a short time. I developed the habit of revising during the exam period, which I found difficult to get rid of later. Once, I did not have time to study and became stressed for not reading a whole unit as I knew that I would get a zero in the exam. I quickly perused my books but I later failed in the test. From that moment, I have made the difference by changing my attitude towards learning.

To summarize, the teaching on the difference is available to everyone. People need to change the negative self-talk to alter their attitude. The lady in the case had a negative attitude to her job; nevertheless, she transformed her life when she completely altered her attitude. As a result, the video teaches the fundamentals of success brought about by making the difference in the behavior or actions.


Aims are important in everyday life because they make it easier to build the future. Ziglar points out the importance of goal setting and states that it is obligatory for individuals to realize their objectives (Ziglar, 2013). The main ideas of the inspirational video under analysis are the need to set goals and deadlines, identify the obstacles and identity groups that can assist, and list the benefits of achieving the goals (Ziglar, 2013). Furthermore, he notes that people fail in life because they do not set their goals (Ziglar, 2013). Additionally, identifying the aims is an essential element in every business. Unfortunately, when asked about their objectives, many people need more than a minute to respond because the targets are not clear to them. From the video, I have learned that the lack of clarity makes it hard to achieve what one wants.

I have realized that setting goals is important in every aspect of life, whether at school or at work. Teachers, sometimes, ask a question and they choose one student to answer. I remember a time when my instructor asked me to respond to a question in class. I quickly gave the right answer because I knew it. If I had not prepared for the lesson, it would have taken a long time to answer. As for me, goal setting can be compared to a response to something that you know well. If the goals have been set, it will be unproblematic to meet them.

In conclusion, the video has given me the understanding that people should set targets to achieve their intentions. Sometimes, it becomes hard to reach a particular aim because one often finds himself changing the schedules when the time to meet the goal comes. However, if people develop a plan to reach the objectives, it will be simpler to accomplish them.


Maxwell notes that influence is among the laws of leadership, and leadership is determined by the ability to have impact on others (Maxwell, 2012b). A leader should have the potential to affect his followers meaning that he should have the power to exhibit change within the organization. He notes that a leader should take time to ask himself/herself if there are people he is influencing. If there are none, he/she should work on the great aspect of influence. The speaker goes on to state that the type of influence also enables the leaders to protect their positions of leadership (Maxwell, 2012b). Some people have the highest potential while others are simply the best leaders. From this video, I have realized that leadership is about influence to obtain the highest potential.

Previously, I thought that leadership is determined by one’s title, such as a Pastor, CEO, Manager, or Director. However, Maxwell’s video has changed my opinion. I have understood that leadership cannot be appointed, awarded, or assigned. It comes from within the person’s ability to influence others. Thus, it can be earned, and cannot be granted by credentials. Besides, the claims of the person asserting that he/she is a leader are not sufficient to guarantee them full leadership. Only the influence of such an individual can serve as a proof of the statement.

All in all, the mentioned video has enhanced my understanding of leadership. I have come to the conclusion that a leader is recognized not through the person’s title but through their ability to influence others. I have understood that this individual should have followers who make up the number of those who have been affected by him/her. As a result, leadership cannot be anything more or less than influencing people, and neither can it be mandated.

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