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A Midnight's Dream Synopsis is a play by William Shakespeare that is performed in the theaters. First of all, the performance text coincides with the dramatic text. The intricate plot of relationships between Duke Theseus and Hippolyta are expressed by the passionate, talented acting that demonstrates professionalism and obsession of the actors with their work. The external appearance, make-up, costumes and physical traits of actors help to show that this is the high comedy. It depicts the external problem of the relationships between man and woman and love. Despite the fact the audience laughs from this performance it is a tragic as well.

The performance space for A Midnight's Dream Synopsis is theatre. Consequently, it creates the feeling of something elevated and eternal. Open space between the scene and audience makes them be closer to the actors and absorb in the times of William Shakespeare. One should say that relationships between Duke Theseus and Hippolyta and Hermia and Lysander prove that the problems of the performance are banal and usual. However, their constant pretending and play in a real life reinforces the Shakespeare's belief that life is a theatre, and people are the leading actors. As a result, this performance cannot be a low comedy due to its depth, meaningfulness and realism.

The lightning on the stage is a bit gloomy and dark. The clothes of the actors prove that they are from Athens and present the ancient times. The colors are not very bright. Not without reason they are used as they symbolize that not everything is so understandable and clear in relationships between people. Moreover, the concept of the theatre and acting are depicted through the desire of Theseus to demonstrate the play as the way of entertainment. Most of all, I was impressed the desire of the actors to absorb the audience in the magic world of the theatre with the help of the lively and ambitious acting, well-picked costumes and decorations. It is evident that theater is not only a well-written play but the combination of acting, talent, music, decorations and the connection with the audience.

To my mind, if A Midnight's Dream Synopsis depicted only love affairs between the characters, it could be refer to the low comedy. However, the actors managed to express human relationships in the context of theatre. Consequently, they made a real art. During the performance, the actors change their clothes, mood and feelings providing the symbolic atmosphere. The music used in A Midnight's Dream Synopsis is Greek. Consequently, it reminds the audience about the origin of the theatre.

It is evident that the acting of the actors determine whether the performance id high or low. To my mind, William Shakespeare gave the opportunity to the actors to define whether the comedy will be low or high. Consequently, being the part of the audience I can say that I have received the unbelievable pleasure. Moreover, I understood that theatre is created not only by the actors but the audience who try to absorb in the magic atmosphere. I understood that the plot of the performance is less important than feelings and emotions provoked by the talented play, music, costumes and decoration. I recommend visiting the theater and enjoying A Midnight's Dream Synopsis as it helps to understand the real concept and meaning of theatre.

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