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"What I have said today matters a little".

This statement is out of context of what president Obama stated in his speech when he was about to get done giving the speech. Many will think that everything that he said in his speech, every promise and revolution he had planned to undertake was not of any much significance. Stating that way by someone devoid of elaboration on the statement brings out thoughts that were not expected to arise in the minds of the people.

In actual sense, statement of the whole statement by the president brings out the meaning that he had said was of no benefit if the most precious resource, the children is not well taken care of and protected (whiting, Barack, 56).

One other statement out of context is "defending our freedom is not the job of our military."

This statement is out of context since taken as it is, it would mean that the military were not responsible for the fight of freedom for the people. On the contrary, quoting of the whole statement creates a different and correct meaning. The president meant that the military alone were not responsible for fighting for the freedom but rather, all including the military and the people have an obligation of fighting for their freedom (Obama, 2008).

"Chance of birth or circumstance should decide our destiny".

This statement is out of context. It literally means that everyone's destiny is determined by the condition of birth.

That is not what the president said. Rather, the whole statement read from start to the end brings out an extremely different understanding. The whole statement meant that the destiny of any individual is never determined by the chance of birth nor circumstances, but rather, by grabbing opportunities arise (whiting, Barack, 2009).

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