Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning

When Jesus Christ left, he sent his followers with an essential mission into the world. He tasked them to preach change into the world by demonstrating God’s love and to proclaim the gospel. However, these missions still remain unaccomplished.


Managing information technology projects: Book Review

Managing information technology projects: Applying project management strategies to software, hardware, and integration initiatives written by James Taylor is an insightful book that has been published by the division of the American Management Association in 2003.


Unfulfilled Wishes of African American Brothers

The play Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks tells about two African American brothers, Lincoln and Booth. As it seems at first, the plot is simple and straightforward. There are only two characters, and all the scenes take place in their tiny apartment. When thinking of the drama deeper, one can comprehend the hidden messages the author wanted to convey.


The Moment of Truth

During the recent years the US has experienced fundamental changes in different areas of the country’s operations, both internal and external. The international conflicts, financial crisis that started in 2008, and the changes that followed afterwards have shaken the economy of the United States.

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