Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless is a company discussed in the paper. Bash Jabiri is a district manager of this organization, which corresponds to a middle-manager position within the organizational structure of the enterprise. His title is a District Manager of four stores in Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY. Bash Jabiri is in charge of the financial needs, hiring and supervising employees, as well as supervising the stores’ economic and workplace issues. Additionally, he represents Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless as a Cricket wireless supervisory of the assigned district stores.


Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless is a company that specializes in Cricket wireless (AT&T). It owns and manages 22 retailers who offer monthly prepaid service plans and handsets. The goals of the company include a provision of assistance to its customers, selling cell phones and accessories, and promoting the brands of the associates in its operation area. In addition, the company initiates and participates in different marking events associated with promotion and distribution of brands that produce cell phones and provide mobile communication services.

Bash Jabiri has been working for the company since 2012. He started his career as a customer service representative. His knowledge, skills, and productivity as a customer service representative allowed him to progress to the position of a store manager in a period of ten months. Moreover, in mid-2014, he was promoted to a district manager. His new appointments raised the personal and professional requirements, but his leadership and motivation efforts made him a success. The result of his productive work was that Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless opened two more stores in its operation area.

The duties and daily tasks of Bash Jabiri explain the fact that he is always engaged in communication with different people. Typically, they represent the company’s partners, clients, employees, and other stakeholders. In the past, he devoted much time to traveling, which, as he said, reduced his productivity because he had to recover after long trips. Currently, he switched to videoconferencing and mobile messenger usage. He was going to shift to the usage of these technologies earlier, but the security and intelligence department of his company had concerns connected to data leaks. However, as soon as the majority of messengers and videoconferencing software started using encryption systems, Bash Jabiri started actively using them. The manager claims that it helps save his time and other resources when discussing various issues and initiatives with partners overseas. At the same time, he has some scheduled trips abroad connected with the most critical partners, such as Sony, LG, and Samsung. As he explained the reasons for this, he noticed that eastern companies are more likely to have personal contacts with their partners. The positive effect of such visits is that they strengthen collaboration and lead to exclusive discounts, which are positive for his company’s retail sector. His former supervisors noticed his outstanding qualities of interpersonal communication, persuasion, and leadership, which assisted in Bash’s rapid promotion. By utilizing the benefits of his leadership style, Bash Jabiri increased the interest of the public in his company, which increased the amount of sales and signing of prepaid contracts. In its turn, it allowed Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless to open additional stores in the area, increasing competition among local communication retailers. However, Bash Jabiri does not fear competition because his creativity and leadership style allow him to pick the best workers and increase their efficacy through education and personal example.

Bash Jabiri identifies his leadership style as a combination of the elements of authentic, proactive, and servant leadership. He claims that it is impossible to practice only one leadership style because the market of communication technologies is very flexible and demanding. As a result, he has to be attentive to his partners, employees, and clients in order to produce balanced and beneficial initiatives. He recognizes that early detection of business opportunities is highly critical for innovations and proactive planning. One of the examples of the efficacy of his leadership style is noticing that his clients prefer Sony’s smartphones and Samsung’s tablet PCs over the ones produced by Motorola or LG. As a result, he actively engaged into collaboration with the more popular brands, strengthening his enterprise.  The analysis of Bash Jabiri’s strategic and practical approaches to management and daily work allows stating that he is an innovator. For example, he actively promotes the usage of up to date multimedia and communication inventions and opportunities. For instance, he noticed a contemporary trend in the usage of virtual reality devices, which is why he seeks collaboration with HTC in order to become an exclusive partner in the sphere of local retail distribution of HTC Vive. He expects virtual reality to be a breakthrough that would allow Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless to overcome local competition. In addition, in order to strengthen the position of the company on the market, Bash has initiated the development of various customer support programs that aim to promote the partners’ brands.

Bash Jabiri values the employees of his company and gives them opportunities to demonstrate their productivity and creativity in their positions. He states that he clearly remembers his start, which is why it is important to give every worker a chance to actualize their potential. In addition, he thinks that if the worker’s productivity is poor it is worth interviewing them to find the possible barriers in communication or motivation. As a result, this allows motivating the workers and enhancing their working space, so it would be more convenient and comfortable.

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At the same time, when hiring people, Bash Jabiri seeks specific personal qualities and traits. For instance, he values an employee’s positive history of work for other companies, but asks additional questions testing the loyalty of all applicants. He is assured that a company with loyal and devoted workers would perform better than the one with the most creative workers. As he explains, it is of no use to have a talented but non-trusted worker, who might take one’s innovations and creativity to another company. Naturally, as an employee manager, Bash Jabiri aims at supporting and promoting loyalty by means of various internal initiatives, such as assistance to workers’ families’ program and others.

The manager considers the example of his father to be the source of his success. His parent was also engaged in a retail and product distribution company. Bash’s father taught him that interpersonal connections and communication were powerful tools that allowed evaluating and stimulating people. Being a high school and than a university student, Bash tested and practiced some of the communication and group formation principles, ensuring that they work. Gradually, he became a leader of a local athletics team and a desired partner in any scientific project. Although sometimes he lacked specific scientific knowledge and skills, his communication talents allowed him to gather and motivate a trusted and efficient team. Thus, he agrees that his individual strengths include authentic leadership, free communication skills, creative thinking, and respecting the wishes of others. All these factors contributed to his professional success.

Among the four functions of management, Bash Jabiri succeeded in organizing and leading. He recognizes organizing as an essential part of leading due to the fact that a leader has to create an organizational infrastructure for people to achieve the established goals. At the same time, Bash Jabiri is not strong at controlling, because he tends to think that creative people do not need control. However, sometimes this issue causes problems due to the fact that certain employees have weak self-control skills. He recognizes his planning skills as profound, because he attempts to be several steps ahead of the rivals in his business sector, which is impossible without proactive planning.

The manager claims that the most challenging part of being a manager is business rivals  and the ability to control employees. The reason for it is that there are many modern technologies, such as social networks, that reduce the workers’ productivity. On the other hand, business rivals attempt to react to the changes of the market very fast, which causes local and regional problems for Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless. To illustrate this, he provides the example of using film for photographs by such companies as Kodak, which used to be the leader in the industry. However, a rapid shift to digital cameras and the lack of ability to react to it was a powerful boost for more flexible competitors, such as Canon and Nikon. As a result, Bash Jabiri attempts to make his company as flexible as possible to avoid pressure on the part of its competitors.

Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless is a company that respects local communities. In order to demonstrate this, it engages in various social projects assisting local disadvantaged populations. Additionally, it is committed to using recycled materials at some stages of its work, such as the office work. It is interested in innovative projects, such as the development of ecologically friendly and sustainable smartphones, and is ready to collaborate with their developers.

Bash Jabiri was glad to share his knowledge with the interviewer and shared several personal tips of how to be a successful manager. First, he advised distinguishing between leading and managing and developing leadership qualities. Second, he admitted that the predominant activity of people is communication, which is why an efficient manager should master this skill. Third, he advised being attentive to various events within the company’s community and outside its borders, which allows one to have a comprehensive picture of any situation. For instance, a manager can enhance the motivation of their employees by proposing surveys and fixing one’s personal and organizational drawbacks. At the same time, they should be attentive to the latest technological trends and the corresponding reaction of competitors.

Summarizing the presented facts, Bash Jabiri is an example of an efficient manager and an inspiring leader, who works for the benefit of his organization. His strong points include self-analysis and profound leadership, which allow him to develop an individual approach to flexible and attentive leadership. What is more, this individual actively implements innovations and recognizes that they significantly impact the working efficacy of any employee. He respects his workers and attempts to create the most beneficial workplace for them. In return, his employees provide efficient and sustainable feedback, boosting the potential of Nabali Inc. DBA City Wireless.

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