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Transgender individuals feel hurt when they are prohibited to use the restrooms for the sex they want to be. They may claim that they live in a free democratic society, and they have the right to attend the bathrooms for the gender opposite to their biological one because they feel they are different. That is why they fight for their rights and want the government to change the laws about public restrooms and have the possibility to attend them without restrictions. However, such alterations will cause other people experiencing indignation and discontentment. The reasons for this are: transgender persons may become the victims of sexual harassment; transgender men may cause unsanitary conditions in the women’s restrooms; it may be unethical since a woman may feel uncomfortable with an individual who looks like a female but has a penis. Thus, this theme is important for those people who feel discomfort when a transgender person uses the bathrooms for the opposite sex, especially, for the parents whose children can take shower together with such people. The purpose of the research is to persuade the audience that the bill about public restrooms should not be altered in favor of those who wish to change their sex but have not done the operation. Although transgender individuals live in a free society, they should not be allowed to use the public bathrooms for the sex they want to be till their full transition because of possibilities of sexual assault, moral and ethical issues, and violation of the family values. Should transgenders receive a right to disregard social restrictions?

Transgender men may cause insanitary conditions in the ladies’ bathrooms, and when a transgender woman comes to the men’s restroom, she may be affected as well. It does not mean that the males are dirtier than females. However, if they did not change their sex, some part of sperm might get into water or to the floor, and it will be not hygienic. Nevertheless, insanitariness is the tiniest problem caused by transgender persons. When a transgender man enters a ladies’ bathroom but he has not had an operation and his penis is still there, women will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they will be afraid of such a person even if he looks like a female outside.

However, transgender boys and girls complain that they are discriminated and offended with such attitude toward them. For instance, a transgender teenager from Missouri, Lila Perry, tells that she is a girl and she is “not going to be pushed away to another bathroom” (Grinberg). The other students feel uncomfortable when Lila is in the girls’ locker room since she has male anatomy. It is easy to understand them since they cannot be sure whether Lila is really a girl inside or she just pretends to be a girl to spy on other females. Therefore, it would be unethical to allow transgender people to attend public bathrooms for the opposite sex. If they can visit the restrooms for the opposite gender, many other individuals may use this possibility for their personal purpose. For instance, a man may come to a ladies’ bathroom to see naked women and even to rape them. It would be a perfect possibility for maniacs and insane people who could have a fair chance to waylay a victim and commit a crime. In case of being caught, such men could say, “I felt like being a woman today” (“Florida Public Bathroom Bill” 1). The number of crimes will arouse, and the law will encourage it if it does not forbid such changes. Thus, it should be prohibited for transgender persons to attend the public bathrooms.

Many people consider transsexuality immoral and unethical. Transgender individuals should use private bathrooms not to offend other humans who think that a person should be of the gender he/she was born; otherwise, it can be regarded as a violation of the laws of nature. However, there are also those who do not mind and even support transgender people. For instance, when Gavin Grimm, Virginia, felt that he was a boy and began to use the male bathroom in school, he did it without problems for seven weeks (The Editorial Board). Nevertheless, when the parents of the other students found out that a transgender girl uses the boy’s restroom, they were indignant. As a result, Gavin was forbidden to attend the locker room for boys in his school. He is not unique; there are many other boys and girls who feel like being someone else but are discriminated. They organize mass protests, fight for their rights, and sometimes they achieve their goals. For instance, in California, there is a bill that allows transgender students to use “which ever bathroom they want to use based on their “feeling” of what gender they want to be” ( Many people judge that law and argue that it is immoral to let children of both genders use the restrooms together. Moreover, it concerns the adults as well. If transgenders are allowed to attend the public bathrooms for the opposite gender, it will have negative impact on the rules of ethics and morality. If there is no ethics, all people will do what they want telling that there is no morality at all. If one transgender person is allowed to visit the public restroom, the others will also tend to have such a right.

Another problem will occur if transgender individuals use public bathrooms with children. They will disrupt the family values of those kids and arouse unhealthy interest in their “double gender.” It is known that children perceive everything differently. They may not be able to distinguish between the right and wrong things; their mentality is still unstable and easy to affect. Thus, their ideology can be influenced in a wrong way and changed accordingly. It would cause negative effects on the family values. For instance, children would believe that being a transgender person is normal, and they would become more inclined to different abnormalities. The more people will change their gender, the less normal families will appear. Moreover, religious individuals who believe in God will be indignant of the fall of humankind. One cannot call it differently since God gives life and a specific gender to every person, and it should not be changed. If a human being does not value his or her sex, he/she does not respect God or any other Supreme Being. Thus, using the same bathroom by both genders contradicts the religion and morality. Nevertheless, in the modern democratic society, no one tells about discriminating transgender people as individuals. Everyone wants to find a compromise so that not to break the instable psychic of the teenagers and not to make them feel uncomfortable.

Being a transgender individual is the issue of the modern world, and even if transgender persons are not discriminated, they cannot use the public bathrooms depending on their sex until they change their anatomy completely. Before that moment, they have to accept that they should use the private restrooms or special restrooms for transgender and transsexual individuals. Probably, they may feel like being affected and hurt; however, they are in a minority, and they should respect the other people’s views. Moreover, transgenders will argue and tell that it is unfair, and they feel oppressed and beleaguered. Thus, only a compromise could help to solve this problem.

The gender neutral bathrooms are set for people without gender, but almost every person has a particular sex. If an individual was born a female but she wants to be a male, she should attend the gender neutral restroom before the full transition. Otherwise, is she uses the men’s bathroom, it may be the reason of unexpected pregnancy, rape, assault, and different sexual infections. Therefore, it would be better for the transgendered to use the right restroom for their personal safety and for the other people’s comfort. Carlos Ball, a law professor at Rutgers University, said, “there is a plethora of reports of transgender people being physically assaulted, verbally abused and harassed for being quote-unquote in the wrong bathroom” (The Editorial Board). Thus, transgender individuals should not complain about being discriminated because they are really not discriminated but protected. At the same time, the others benefit from such protection as well.

In conclusion, the public restrooms should be used according to the biological sex of a person. If one is a transgender but still has had no operation, he/she should attend the bathroom of the gender he/she still belongs to. It is necessary to follow this rule in order to avoid unwanted sexual harassments, verbal abuses, and insanitary conditions. Moreover, using the bathrooms for the opposite sex is immoral and unethical; religious people cannot understand it and deprecate such actions. Besides, if a child sees a woman with a penis or a man with vagina, his/her psychic will be broken and the family values will change accordingly. Thus, transgenders should not be discriminated in the society but they must obey the laws about the public bathrooms and do not try to modify them.

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