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Introduction Nowadays sports play a very important role in the global economy and society. Sports have been changed simultaneously with human development, absorbing discoveries in science and improvements in technology. The development in the technology gave a significant push for the evolution of equipment and methodologies of training, boosting athletic performance, and resulting in higher and higher speed, accuracy, and excellence during competitions.


Google Inc.

Google Inc. is a vivid example of how a small but the original idea can grow into something really great and profitable with the appropriate approach to its implementation. The research project of two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 was the starting point of a great success in the future.


Latest Methods of Obtaining a Thioester on the C-Terminus of the Peptide

Formation of peptides in the body takes few minutes. Chemical synthesis in the laboratory is a lengthy process that can take several days, and the development of technology of synthesis can last for several years. However, despite this, there are some compelling arguments in favour of the work on the synthesis of analogues of natural peptides. First, by chemical modification of peptides the hypothesis of the primary structure may be supported. Amino acid sequences of some hormones become known due to the synthesis of their counterparts in the laboratory.


Subordinate Leadership

The concept of leadership stretches beyond confines of time and geographical locations. Leadership has been conceptualized popularly as the ability of a person to influence a group of people with the intention of achieving a particular goal.


Dynamic Followership

Dynamic followership entails two way leadership processes. It is characterized by expert leader, expert follower, well networked process; the role of the leader and follower is regulated by context and talent.


Evaluation of Walter Mischel’s Research Article

The authors of this article broadly describe willpower as that self-control that an individual exercises in the face of temptation. It is the ability to contain oneself and resists temptation in favor of a more meriting future objective.

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