Young Innovators

The Dialogue between Tony Wagner and Kentaro Toyama

Wagner: Young innovators should remain faithful to their vision irrespective of the circumstances that they encounter. These are the innovations that are likely to change the universe. Toyama: I agree with that, but in another dimension consider the notion that talent is universal, and opportunity is not. We might need to foster technology while there exist significant disparities regarding equity and access to the resources.


Wagner: Young people have the vitality, force energy that is translated through the children energy. The fact that there is the uniqueness of each and every type of person in a lifetime means that if the chances are blocked, then such an opportunity will never be experienced in the life again. Therefore, the world will not have the chance to experience the uniqueness. Toyama: As long as we need to sponsor the vitality of the young innovators, we must consider the fact, that not all children in the United States or the entire world have equal access to equal resources.

Wagner: The world needs the young innovators. To grow the economy of the country, we do not only require the money, but we need people to do things differently, so as to make the world a sustainable place. The changes that will enable people to have more satisfied and healthy lives. Toyama: As soon as we need the young innovators, it would also be essential to consider the fact, that most of the children in the deprived areas face the difficulty of accessing the resources that they require. Therefore, we have to make the resources accessible before we can start reaping from the ideas of young innovators.

Wagner: The things that are created by the innovators in the current economy are the driving force of the world. They will, therefore, lead to the construction of cheaper and more convenient processes. This is because the process will be more automated, so as to supply the ever increasing world population. Innovation will make manufacturing more affordable. Toyama: Well, technology may be a game changer in the field of education. As soon as we may require the technology to make the most significant economic developments, the elements of technology such as mobile networks and the wireless networks are among the most important technologies that should be provided to the deprived.

Wagner: Young people should be advisedto believe in themselves and have a clear vision. Although the field of innovation is accompanied through massive failures, it is more likely that at some point in their lives they will succeed. So, young innovators are supposed to listen to many people regarding their passion as this will likely lead to their success. Toyama: I agree with this notion, as long as we will encourage innovation from all the children by making the resources available to them first. Another thing is that we ought to understand the role of technology and the impact on the social issues in the society. In doing so, we will understand that technology is not the sole key to poverty alleviation, rather it is a stepping stone which, if properly improvised, will lead to effective poverty reduction.

Wagner: One advantage, that the young innovators are likely to benefit from, is that they will probably increase their levels of creativity. This is because the levels of curiosity increase with each step of innovation. Such students who engage in these projects will most likely benefit from developing projects that catch their lives interests. Toyama: The advantages, in this case, will be achieved only if the students are kept engaged in the projects.

Wagner: Young innovators have massive inspirations and energy. It would be especially disheartening to lock such energy of the young people. The blame is the approaches and the traditions of the societies that we live in. They have continually underestimated the capabilities of the young innovators, while others have made it difficult for such innovators to prosper. This is because the institutions that sponsor these activities are particularly expensive and even the parents may avoid taking their children to such school. This is the common belief and notion among most of the people and institutions, and therefore, they do not sponsor the activities. Toyama: I would advocate for more instructions to foster the technological advancement programs among the children.

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Wagner: One thing that should be done to harness the innovators ideas is to encourage the young innovators at the grassroots. Also, it is advisable that the young innovators be provided with the resources that they require, so as to achieve actually what they aspire. The advantages of this will be double fold since both the young innovators and the country will benefit from fresh ideas that the young creative minds come up with. Toyama: I tend to think that the role of technology is the society has been misunderstood. The adoption of technology still confuses a large percentage of the people, thus misconstrue the application of the technology in the world. Consider the fact, that the government spy on people emails and at the same time advocate for human rights and the Internet abroad policies. This is the same case for those people who work in technological firms and yet send their children to schools that ban the usage of technology.

Wagner: One of the achievements, that have been implemented through innovations of the young minds, can be seen in the creation of the MIT media lab that has been organized around a series of researches which have numerous areas of inquiry. Students are then expected to choose one of the areas that they are interested in and then concentrate on particular field of interest. The students then take the courses in full. In doing so, the media lab brings innovation to another level making it easy for students to become more creative and to articulate their ideas in a more definite and visible way. Toyama: Again, one of the issues that have been raised, is whether technology has contributed to bringing positive social change. With the explosion of the new technologies that have been made in the United States, such as the social media the wireless networks and other digital systems, the most common social problem in the country has not been alleviated. This is an indication, that even though technology is made to the less fortunate, a lot of social issues such as poverty still continues to prevail.

Wagner: All in all, the fact that we are at a time of economic and social challenges, innovation will be a requirement if we have to stabilize the economy, by perhaps raising the median social income through integrating the ideas of innovation. Therefore, we will be required to heighten the levels of innovation that is being exhibited in the current population. Toyama: In the same accord, I tend to think that information technology alone cannot alleviate poverty. What the technology does, is that it makes people more connected. By connecting the people, we will be empowering the humanity. As such, we need to ensure that there is equity in all communities and to the children who have previously been deprived. This will make sure that the transformative technology is accessible to all.

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